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Lauren & Lakin!! Montgomery, Alabama Child Photographer

3 things: 1. Oh, I had the BEST time with these adorable gals this past Fall.  #stillbehindonblogging 2.  We took in two Tallassee locations, one of which I’d never seen before.  These girls were EASY!!   I mean, they loved the camera and as you can see, the camera loved them more!  Can I bottle […]

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Baby Sarah | Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Photographer

3 things: 1.  This is the most bright eyed baby I’ve ever photographed.  She is so beautiful!!  Those eyes and that dimple are going to cause trouble for her daddy in the future, I’m afraid! 2.  Speaking of daddies…this one was a gem.  It’s so neat to go into folk’s homes and see how they […]

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Baby J is ONE!! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Lifestyle Photographer

3 things: 1.  Well, if you’ve ever been to my blog before, yanno how much this crew means to me.  We started with Maternity pics early last Fall and now we are celebrating Jack’s 1st year of life.  Wha? 2.  Jack is what you call a “mess.”  Not just any mess, though.  A joyful, happy, […]

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