Longing for the chill… Montgomery, Alabama Lifestyle Photographer {mine}

Despite the afternoon temps hovering around 80 degrees, I was able to convince my daughter to try out some fall accessories.   Target recently stocked their stores(briefly) with the designer brand Missoni.  I admit, I wasn’t persuaded to put zig zags on my 30ish self.   I did, however, decide I liked this little puff ball hat and scarf.  Cute, eh?

One requirement A dub relayed to me today was that she wanted to have fun.  That is so important when taking pictures of  kids.  I had gotten to the point with my OWN children where I was like, “YOU!  Child that I birthed, standthereanddon’tmoveandlooknatural, mmmmmK????”  I seemed to have LOTS of patience for clients, but none for my offspring.  MY babies.  I have finally figured out what makes sessions work with them.    “I like to eat poop sandwiches,” works very well for a few laughs.  Judge me now.

Kristi - The bokeh is fantastic! Great pictures!

Cortney Smith - Allison

I love these! Your b&w’s are killer! I think the subject was the cutest part… beautiful work!

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