Give Thanks to the Lord! The Fishers… Montgomery, Alabama Maternity Photographer

Before I tell you Carrie and Doug’s story, I want to just scream, “I LOVE THIS FAMILY!”

12 and a half years ago, two people, who were very much in love, got married.   They loved each other so much, they decided to have lots of babies.   After many years, the close couple still did not have children.   They were told by Doctors that there was virtually NO chance they would ever conceive.  So…they prayed and decided to adopt a child.  Not too long after they applied for adoption, they found their match.  Blue eyed Cooper was born almost 6 years ago and came to live with his earthly family who loved him soooo much!  Blue eyed Cooper, Carrie and Doug lived happily ever after.  Waitaminute?  That’s not all!  Last Spring, Carrie and Doug learned they had a bun in the oven…after 12.5 years!!   For real!!  Many prayers had been lifted in their behalf.  Now at 32 weeks, this adorable couple is about to welcome baby brother Jack.  I just want to squeeze Carrie’s cheeks, and Doug’s, and Cooper’s.  Is that weird?

So, get ready to see a lot of this fam over the next year b/c they are “baby planning” it with me.  Yeah, uh huh.

Please join me  and pray for baby Jack to make a healthy entrance into the world.  I cannot wait to meet him!

{Disclaimer, I do not know how to use commas.}

Lara - I love them all!! Beautiful family inside and out!!

Laura Thornton - All these pictures are wonderful!!

Elaine - I love them all but full color of Carrie in the field is my most favorite!!!

Charlotte - Allison, what a great job!….and that story, I was fighting back tears! I’m so glad they are blessed with 2 special little boys! 🙂 That momma is so cute and pretty!

In with the NEW!! Baby JACK!! Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Lifestyle Photographer » My Website - […] the Fishers?  You can read their story and see their maternity session here?  Well, a few days before Christmas they welcomed Jack into their family.  Carrie was a champ […]

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