Joel+Leigh…they’re gettin’ hitched! Montgomery, Alabama Engagement Photographer

Well, hello there perfect couple.  I mean it.

Joel has two adorable boys…and guess what?  He incorporated them into the proposal.  Sigh.

Background:  When all 4 of them get together, they play a drawing game.   Here’s the proposal gist…

Step 1.  They met at Starbucks(where I love to get a Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato.)  They get their coffee and begin the paper/drawing game…

Step 2.   Jake, age 10 with beautiful red hair, passes a piece of paper to Leigh that says, “Dad is about to propose to you! :-)”

Step 3:  Leigh is thinking, “uh oh, Jake, you just ruined your dad’s proposal…whoops, but this is funny!”

Step 4:  Leigh turns to look at her man and he is grinning ear to ear with a ring.

Step 5:  They live happily ever after.

How perfect is that proposal???   We re-created it at Leigh’s gorgeous Capital Heights home.

Then we got some super fun family shots where Joel didn’t just pretend to play the guitar, he rocked it.  I didn’t want to leave.

Next, off to Historic Prattville for some of the sweet stuff.  Awwww…

The wedding is in May, whoop whoop!!!

Robyn - Oh, my! These are to die for!!!!!!! You could not have captured them more perfectly!

Sara K - These are so cute! Great job!

Marie - Wowie-Zowie!!! These are awesome!!! So breathtakingly beautiful you both are–AND the boys, to boot! Sooo Fun!!!

Hilary - So awesome…you captured so much emotion. Love all the shots!

Lori Ellen - You guys look fabulous!!! I haven’t been this excited for a couple to get hitched in a LONG time:)

Michelle - LOVE all of them!!!!

leigh Brannan - these are all beautiful. The boys look so cute. Can not wait to meet them love. You

Melissa Vinson - Leigh & Joel, I am beyond excited for you both…and I need to see if Allison is related to an old friend…can’t wait to see you in May!

Leah Hunt - Didn’t know she was engaged…Mark never tells me anything (shock!)!! So, congrats Leigh…your photos are fabulous!

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