Lara is LOVELY!!! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photographer

The Allen family…yessir…I <3 their lot.  I met the oldest Allen kid today and instantly wanted to hug her.  She is a doll!  Her mom is also a special lady, and I’m fond of special people.  She had some ideas for the session and I think you’ll agree the bubbles were a hit!

Lara comes from a serious musical family.  She played guitar for me.  That’s the second time in a week I’ve had a guitar in a session.  They make me happy so my husband better get going on some lessons.   Our dear friends let us borrow their farm.  They are awesome.  I may or may not have been eaten by 1,000 mosquitoes today.  Note to self: pack insect repellent for the last day of Winter????

Remember Senior gals, beauty is important INSIDE and out.  If you’re ugly on the inside, your outer beauty will eventually fade and then you’ll just be an old hag.  My kids love that word.   Maybe I shouldn’t blog after midnight, hmmm?  Wednesday morning my crew is off to the beach for the rest of the week.  Whoop!!

Cortney - Those are really great! She looks beautiful! Love the bubbles!

Amy - Oh ~ I love every one of these! Lara is precious and these pictures are absolutely beautiful! Just like her! I bet yall had a fun time!

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