Joel+Leigh… get hitched!! Montgomery, Alabama Wedding Photographer

I am soooo happy for this perfect couple whose love is inspiring to all!!  We had beautiful weather and everything went smoothly!  The boy’s seersucker suits made me want to slap my mama(okay, not really) they were so cute!!  I had a hard time not getting my groove on at the reception b/c the band rocked!!  I will miss you guys!  Enjoy your preview. 🙂


Brooke Bailey - Allison, you did a fabulous job on these! Looks like a beautiful day for a beautiful couple! Congrats to Leigh and Joel!

leigh - Allison, these are so classic!! I love them all SO much!!! You captured our day perfectly. Thank you!

Rachel - These are gorgeous! Leigh, you are such a beautiful bride. Congratulations!

Jill Moudy - Perfect, Leigh! Congratulations to you and Joel and the boys!

Hannah - These pictures are so beautiful they brought tears to my eyes.

Amye - SO pretty! Allison, you are so talented!

Amy - OH MY! This looks like the most wonderful southern wedding ever!! The pictures are amazing~ along with everything else! LOVE the flowers!!

Melissa Vinson - Allison, you did a beautiful job! Leigh & Joel – you look so very happy and ready for this new adventure! Can’t wait to meet Joel and the boys! Love you!

Jewel Brannan - You are a beautiful couple. Congratulations!!!!

David Johnson - Leigh and Joel:
I’m viewing your wedding photos while sitting in our hotel lobby in Xi’an, China. Sorry to have missed the wedding. Marlea said it was wonderful and fun, and the photos are really great. I guess you had to go with a backup bagpiper. Bless you all and hope to see you soon.
David J

Kelly - Wow! What a spectacular wedding! Leigh, you did an amazing job with all of the details! Stunning! Every single bit! Kelly

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