Coleman+Henry Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Lifestyle Photographer

This is a tale about two cowboys.  Cowboy “C” is preppy, a rule follower, has a missing tooth,  loves his dog Bluebell, drives his daddy’s 4 wheeler like a champ, and has the cutest southern accent around.   Cowboy “H” is a free spirit, loves to throw down his cowboy hat, prefers skins over shirts, sports a HUGE grin(and maybe sometimes a pouty face that will break any adult’s heart,)  and has confidence out the wazoo.

Ben and Lisa just built a new home on their family farm, I might just move it.  It’s amazing!


Wanda Russell Johnson - So adorable!

Kitty Hipps Carter - love all of these pictures…

Jennifer Marsh Holley - love these boys and these pictures! You should have came over to my house and took pictures too of my girls~~.

Cortney Locke Smith - Allison, those are terrific! The one of him with his hand in the air on the four wheeler is priceless! They were all great! Smashing as usual!

Christine Hipps - The best pictures. I love them all.

Amye Bass King - Love these!! You are so talented!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Amy!! 🙂

Kristin Speed Photography - wow these are awesome! what a cool location for a photo session! and that soft warm light is just breathtaking…great job!

Ashley Hibbard Montgomery - Love the dog peeking in on the first one haha. So cute!

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