Ashby+Anna… Montgomery, Alabama Teen Senior Photographer

8 things:

1.  A precious girl has been my assistant on many shoots this year.   She is very smart and talented!  We quickly threw together a little mentoring shoot because M is leaving to take on the big world at Troy University! 😉

2.   I chose Ashby(age 13…YAH, I know she doesn’t look it) and Anna(age 17.)

3.  Shall we call this sesh “bohemianhairmakesmehappyandilovefriendship?”

4.  Ashby—Let’s just call it like it is, your hair is the  It is so lovely,  I want to high five you every day.   Your spirit totally inspires me and I’m OLD! 😉

5.  Anna- I can only imagine that every boy your age is falling at your feet.  You have such a natural grace.   I wanted to covert every shot you were in to black and white  b/c I LOVE the way it brings out your eyes.    They are sooooo enchanting!!

6. Anna and Ashby-THANKS a million jillion for braving the 200 100 degree temps and 1,000 percent humidity to model for us.

7.  Sweat a’int pretty.  Usually.  I’ll leave it at that.

8.  Guess how many bottles of water were guzzled during the session?   Winner gets a cyber fist bump.

Emily - I have 8 things too:
1. I am pretty sure you are my photographer soul sister
2. I would convert the to BW too because she is drop dead gorgeous.
3. 13??? Wow…so pretty!
4. is right…that hair kicks butt.
5. My guess is 7 bottles.
6. You are an amazing photographer.
7. These are really awesome photos.
8. Keep it up!

Melissa Klein - Um – WOW!! These are stunning! Love the light, the color, the outfits, and THE HAIR! Gorgeous models, and they totally rocked it. That fist black and white one is amazing, and the one laying in the flowers, too – definitely two of my favs. These are all really fantastic, though – great work!

Melissa Klein - Oh, and I LOVE that said “” – totally stealing that – LOL!

Elle - Absolutely breathtaking photos and stunning models!

Shelly Foreman Mullins - These girls are beautiful. Love!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you @[1667696407:2048:Shelly Foreman Mullins]!!!

Charlotte Housley Patterson - Beautiful girls, beautiful pictures! Love them.

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you!! 🙂

reena giola - well they TOTALLY rocked this session…clothes, hair, attitude, poses, shoes..did I say hair and shoes? Awesome session and I can’t believe she is 13 (mama watch out).

Jaidean - These are just stunning! I love your black and whites – gorgeous!

Claudette - Absolutely love the the light in these, OMG, AMAZING!!!

Kristen Oliver - Wow! These are amazing beautiful! I love how they styled everything! I bet the girls love these! They sure don’t look like they are melting! In my next life I want those gorgeous curls! 🙂

Cortney Smith Photography - Allison those are terrific! I love everything about them. Seniors should be knocking down your door!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you! Hope yall are having a blast in Orlando!

Jeni - Wow! These are amazing! The light is gorgeous, the girls are gorgeous and the processing is gorgeous. Lovely!

Jackie - These are ALL stunning and I adore all of the bw’s!

julie - Wow, wow, and wow. Models? These girls are beyond gorgeous and look completely at ease in front of the camera (which, I’m sure in addition to their mad skills, has something to do with your amazing photography talent!). GORGEOUS.

Kathy Morris - Beautiful pictures, but the thing that makes these girl so beautiful is the life they live. Great Job, Allison!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - I agree, Kathy! Thank you!

Kori - Absolutely stunning. These look straight out of a magazine!

Michelle Manasco Clifton - These pictures are gorgeous! Great job Allison!

Lindsey Sanders Owens - Wow! I can’t stop coming back for a peek at these. Amazing!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Lindsey! 🙂

Leslie C. - I am a huge fan of your work, and right here’s why!! These are stunning and beautiful, and so are your subjects.

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you sweet lady!

kristin - wow these are all just gorgeous!! i looove the lighting..totally fits the bohemien flair of the session… and wow those girls are beautiful..i can’t believe ashby is only 13?!?! wow!

April - These are gorgeous! I thing everything about these are beautiful! The girls, the clothes, the lighting, and the overall style. Perfection!

April O'Hare - Wow wow WOW! I LOVE me some bohemian style:) These are all so beautiful I can’t pick a favorite. This entire session is just perfect. You really outdid yourself!

dsr - What an awesome session! The girls are stunning, the photos are amazing, and the processing is wonderful!

Liz - Oh, these are all so fabulous! I can’t even narrow down a couple favorites. They are awesome!!

Jennifer Zumwalt - This is one of the most amazing photoshoots ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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