Trussell 10 months Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer

7 things:

1.  Emily and I go WAY back… back to the day she and my sister would watch me perform dance moves to Michael Jackson songs.   Embarrassing.

2.  Emily and Ben have a GORGEOUS home.   This is my 3rd time photographing Trussell there!

3.  A crawling baby is a FUN baby!  I love to capture babies as they are…curious, fearless and in awe of doors, windows, and curtains.

4.  Trussell is in LOVE with his daddy and looks just like him.

5.  Pierce(Trussell’s big bro) makes me laugh 1,000 times when I see him.

6.   Emily has the best wardrobe of any mom in Montgomery.   I dare you to find someone with more style than her.

7.   Trussell’s 1 yearish Fall session will be here before we know it!  Can’t wait!

Emily - Wow! This family is stunning, and you really outdid yourself on these! I love each and every one!

Roxanne Alewine Walker - Precious!

Elizabeth Mullis - I love these! Em the pictures of p and trussell it looks like Riley and p when they were smaller 🙂 so cute! Love it

Emily Clements Foy - she does such a good job, i love them!!!!!

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