Ann Collins Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Photographer

5 things:

1.  Ann Collins, you were the best sleeper, EVER.  You were like my very own baby doll, such a snuggle bug!!  🙂

2. I love names that start with Ann…  😉

3.  Hellllloooooo window with white sheers…I love you.

4.  We made a baby mohawk with all that gorgeous hair.   Why not?

5.  Mom and dad are natural, loving parents.   This newborn session was an uplift to my day!!

Leslie Cole Ellis - These are absolutely beautiful!

Lyndsey Collier Grider - Thanks! I love them!

Tammy Lott Stricklin - Lyndsey Collier Grider – She is beatiful!

Allison Parker Adair - Love!! Love!!!

Wanda K Fussell - Wonderful pictures of you all! Ann Collins is beautiful and for now her Father’s daughter!

Heather Grimes - These pics are awesome! She is beautiful.

Brandi Sims Myrick - She’s an absolute doll!

Margaret Hanby Feld - She is beautiful Lyndsey! The pictures are all spectacular.

Cortney - Okay, I must of missed some of these! I just love this session and the B&W conversion is beautiful. Love the “hair” shot. Perfect as always!

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