Sarah, my buddy! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Lifestyle Photographer

6 things:

1.  This angel face is my buddy.  I get to see her at church and she always gives me a bashful smile while she buries her face in mom’s neck.  I love her…and her rosy cheeked big sis.

2.   Stairs+a baby=deeeeeeeelight!

3.  I could just cry thinking about her mom, Emmy, sharing with me about the love she feels for Sarah.   So, I went a searchin’ for some inspirational songs about a mother’s love to post for Emmy.    Google gave me some great results… Snoop Dog, Spice Girls, 2Pac, Willie Nelson…moving on now…

4.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…if you are in the market for an oil portrait, check out Sarah’s daddy, Joel.  He rocks the house down.  Period.  So much talent!

5.  Bonnets complete me.

6.  Huge thighs are totally in.   I love me a chub-o baby.

Emily - Oh man…bonnets, blue eyes, and gorgeous photography! Awesome!

Cortney Locke Smith - Allison Donahoo Hilyer really great work. Love the use of light. Sweet as pie and that little girl has some beautiful eyes!

Hobbie Dees - gorgeous

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