The Kohrings Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

5 things:

1.  2 months ago, this fam adopted baby Grace and fell instantly in love.

2.  I may have picked the hottest, most humid day of the year to do their session.  Way to go me!   I’m really glad you can’t see what I looked like after.  Keep it to yourself, Kohrings, and nobody will get hurt! 😉

3.  I had a bit of nostalgia that day b/c Wes and Cristal’s boys were about the same age as mine when we had  A dub.

4.  Cristal falls into the “one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life” categories.   She is such a sweet, patient momma.  Wes is the Youth Minister of the Landmark COC youth group.  Some of my favorite kids in the world are in that group.   They are lucky to have him!

5.  I love adoption.  Prayers go up and blessings come down.

Leslie Crane - Oh, Allison, what a beautiful, loving family! You always bring out the best and most beautiful things in people when you photograph them. Gorgeous session.

reena - Every single one of these images are fantastic, I can’t even pick a favorite! Grace is just beautiful and congratulations to the family. They are a beautiful family! I do love love love the one of them at the fence!!

Emily - Hoky man…I would be spun into a tizzy if these were my family photographs!

Jeanine - These images are exquisite! I just love them! Such great love and connection all wrapped up in gorgeous images.

Rebecca M - This are amazing!! You can just feel the love they have for one another by just looking. What a great session!!!

Jen - This family is amazing! And you are incredibly talented!

Camille Cross - I am “literally” in love with these pictures! Love this family so much!!!!!!!!!

Heather Pulse - these are beautiful! great job allison and congrats to the family…miss grace is gorgeous!

Ashley Hale Rives - aww these are so precious! love them. you captured them beautifully!

Marsha Read Kohring - Great pictures, Allison did a good job.

Lara Allen - IN LOVE!

Karen Armstrong Lewis - I cried with joy seeig their joy! Your three grandbabies are BEAUTIFUL!

Betty Smith Townsend - Marsha – these pictures are so precious! What a beautiful family.

Nelda Sparkman - Wonderful photos! What a great, loving family the photographer was able to capture.

Christine Donahoo Adcock - THese pictures are STUNNING. That sweet baby girl is just so so beautiful. WOW! One of your best sessions yet.

Jennifer Armstrong Howell - Wow! Awesome pictures and what a gorgeous baby!

sally - These are such AWESOME photos!!! She is a beautiful baby and that is one blessed family, something you can clearly tell from looking at the family pictures.

JasonandLara Graham - These are great! Beautiful family !!!

Jeni - What an AMAZING session. All of these shots are just so perect. I love the wide angle on the first shot, that one of the baby stretching in black and white just melts my heart. The boys on the swing…perfect! Love them all!

Keith Rogers - Breathtaking. What a wonderful thing it is to behold a family in passionate pursuit of the Lord and His will for their life together. Hurts my heart to know you’re all so far away… just want to step into those pictures with you guys Mary Poppins style and live it up together. Miss you all so much.

Martha Rogers - LOVE, LOVE you all! The pictures are just stunning! They capture your sweet family and they make me miss you all the more! Love to you all, my friends, and hats off the Allison who does lovely work with lovely people!

Marsha Read Kohring - Cristal and Wesley are pleased with the pics. I enjoyed them as well, not your traditional family pics.

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