Granger is 1! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer

3 things:

1. I cannot believe it’s been a year since I photographed G as a newborn.  Stop the madness, now!  I have really enjoyed getting to know this family over the past year…

2.  Age 1 little people are explorers.  That’s what they do.  They drag along their sock monkey and hit the ground running… Until you stick them in a chair…and then they look at you like, “iwannamovelady.”  And then I’m all, “okay buddy, let’s move.”

3.  Top 2 favorite things about a 1 year old.  1. fingers/hands 2. toes/feet.  That is where the personality oozes… Try me, check out his f/h, t/f in each shot.  They are doing something crazy-cute each time.   Yep.  😉

Leslie C - These are darling! You always capture the most sweet and loving moments with families, Allison – what a gift you have. Such artistry. And your posts are always a delight to read!

Ashley Hammock - LOVE! Thanks Allison Donahoo Hilyer!

Marie Reuter - These a great! Your family is adorable. 🙂

Patti Taylor - Your family is so amazing Ashley. Cant wait to meet your whole family and Granger is so photogenic unbelievable. Keep sending pica your the best love you.

Reena - He is just way too cute!! Such a beautiful family. I love the last set (especially the closeup) of him on the chair. These are just perfect Allison, I love your work!

Eva Mae Fuller Brunson - love it love it

Kristy Griffith Scroggins - Those are so cute!!!

Barbara Kay Edwards - BEAUTIFUL!

Susan Dunaway Lammon Flowers - Love this little angel so much, oh and I love the parents that come with Hom!!! Aunt Sue Sue

Ann B Parker - Great pictures love them all and you too.

John Benefield - I love these pic’s of all of you.

Linda Benefield Thomas - Me too.

Penni E. Parker - Love them! Great pictures of a sweet family!

sally - Oh, I just love all of these! What a cutie patootie, he’s cute enough to eat. Beautiful work, as always!

Margaret Emily Berkstresser Krawczynski - I looooooooooooooved them all!!!!

Cortney - Allison these are beautiful!!! I love the b/w, they are so amazing!!! Great job!

Patti Taylor - Whoever you have doing these pictures of you and the family Ashley is just amazing love youashley

kristin - ooo…mmm…ggg… he is ADORABLE!!!! LOVEEEEE that shot on the chair focused on his little toes…and i LOVE his sock monkey!!! SOO cute!!!

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