The Poagues! Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

3 things:

1. Funniest, most quick witted kid ever.  He was hilarious and, oh my, photogenic!  Red is his color, eh?!!  It was so great meeting you guys, Brooke!

2. We found a patch of beautiful light and I just snapped away.  This family was very natural in front of the camera.

3.  Read below for a caption of the first 5 pictures:

 Hi, I’m Grant.  I have the most adorable face.  My photographer wants to squeeze my cheeks, but that a’int happ-en-in’.

  Look at them checking out my cuteness.   They love me.

They are still smiling at me.   Hmmmm, I wonder what would happen if I just put my hands on their heads and…

CRASH their faces together for a kiss.   Score!

I’m going to make a funny face now because that was kind of embarrassing.   Show’s over! 😉

Tami - They’re all so lovely. I really adore the one of him on dad’s shoulders with his hand up.

Reena - What a beautiful family! I love the location you all chose! Perfect family images! My favorite of Grant is the black/white image with him holding a stick!

Sara - Love him! I think your first image is just amazing. His little pose is just perfection!

Alexis - Oh my gosh these are precious! I adore all of the family shots with all of their fun interactions:) Awesome work!

Cortney - Not sure if I commented on these are not, but they are beautiful. You captured his personality so well, love them!

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