The Farrickers Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

3 things:

1.  I fell in love with the love this family has for one another.  Seriously, they had the connection thing goin’ on.   Tons of personality in those kids.  Tons!!  I know where they get it from!!   Happy people—–>happy me!!

2.  Gorgeous hair on everyone…sheesh, I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous.  My fro couldn’t look even close to Alice’s on it’s best day!

3.  This was an ugly sky day.  The sun did not even peep an inch while we were shooting.   We did find some pretty leaves and gorgeous spots and they were up for anything…my kind of folks!  I hope you enjoy the preview!!

Reena - Allison, out of all the session I’ve seen of yours, I think that this one is the tops! Each and ever image is better then the one before! I love the haybale one especially. Gosh, they are ALL my favorites. Beautiful family and great location!

Tami - You never fail to disappoint. Great job!

Cara Sue Sater - ONE WORD. AWESOME!

Karen Pruitt - So beautiful!

Anna Grace Murphy - I love the pictures!, <3.

Anna Katherine Palmer - Mckenzie Farricker you look amazinggg! Love you girl! <3

sally - you always have the most creative posing ideas! LOVE the framing behind the fence and that one on the hay bales. awesome, you rock dude.

Cortney - Great Pics Allison! They look so happy and their connections are so sweet!

Leah Keith Davenport - OMG! Those are awesome!

Jennifer Roberts Williamson - Oh my goodness! These are precious! You can feel the love that they have for one another when looking at all of these! I couldn’t pick a bad one.

Rebecca Wagner Bright - only cool, sweet, loving people can look so good in photos! Love them all!

Karen VanderHey - Wow! These are the most amazing pictures. So much love for one another is shown in all the pictures!

Heidi Ewell Murphy - Sweet Riley is in my SS class. What great pics <3

Holly Sadler Moore - These are AWESOME!

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