Anna, Class of 2013! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photographer

3 things:

1.  If you follow me on Facebook, you know we started this session with Anna telling me she wasn’t photogenic.

a.  If you don’t follow me on Facebook, well, you should.   All the cool people do.  Click here and click “like.”

b. I was on a mission to show this humble Homecoming Queen her beauty…inside and out.

c.  Her hair…I am so jealous of her hair…it’s like perfection.  When you have a fro like me, you get jealous sometimes.

d.  She’s an Alabama fan.  I felt the bond form.

2.  Her mom is one of my “favorites.”  She taught both my boys in 2nd grade and will have Ann Welch next year good Lord willing.  I felt like I spent half the session telling Anna what a fab mama she has when I’m pretty sure she already knows.  Her uncle is my son’s awesome basketball coach and he is one of the nicest people on the planet.

3.  If I could pick the most perfect weather ever for a shoot, it would be 65-68 degrees and sunny…and, of course, NO humidity.  Well, in January, we had that perfect day.  Yes, we did.  I felt the vitamin D soaking into my deficient bones.   Enjoy this huge preview of gorgeous Anna.  Leave her a comment!  Go ahead and click the contact button above to book your Senior session!


Emily - No fair. You have warm weather and Spanish moss. Luckily I am not too mad because you shared these with us. This girl is downright stunning, for real. I just love your work. You have lucky, lucky clients.

Reena - STUNNING!!! She is stunning! You have captured this beautiful young lady perfectly.

Leslie - Absolutely gorgeous!! Every little thing is as perfect as she is. And that’s, you know, pretty perfect. Stunning work, as always!!

Sally - She is gorgeous, as are your photos! In fact, I love them so much that I’ll try extra hard not to hate you for having weather like that in January.:-)

Stephanie Lemmon - These are amazing Allison… as ALWAYS. The lighting, posing, locations- absolutely beautiful.

And, what a stunning young lady!!

Leah Hayes Hunt - Anna, you are beautiful! Fantastic photos as always Allison!

Meghan Stacy - wow! breathtaking!

Curtis Moorer - These pictures just keep getting better.

Darlene Hatcher Moorer - Love love these pictures:)

Anna Marie Hunt - Anna Hatcher, I love these. Yes, you are so beautiful and we love you so much! Jake is cracking me up. We went through each picture. He only likes the ones where you are smiling. The other ones he says either you look crazy or sad! Heehee!

Jeanine - Wow! These are stunning! Beautiful girl in beautiful light with an awesome photographer – what a combination!

Karen Toner Mixon - These are beautiful! You did a wonderful job, and your model is a beautiful girl (and photogenic)! Well done. 🙂

Linda DeFee Jackson - Anna, these are so good. Allison is a master at doing it right. I did not realize how much you look like your Mom.Looks like my neighborhood is the backdrop. the weather is always perfect at the Waters.

Emily grapes - She is beautiful! I love how relaxed and comfortable she is in front of the camera! That 1st one of her on the tree stump is my favorite. And you’re right! Her hair is awesome!!

Linda Hatcher - GREAT PICTURES Anna – I can’t believe you are a senior! Where has the time gone. You are a beautiful young lady and I am so proud you are our neice!

Amy - She is stunning and these pictures are amazing! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

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