Baby J is ONE!! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Lifestyle Photographer

3 things:

1.  Well, if you’ve ever been to my blog before, yanno how much this crew means to me.  We started with Maternity pics early last Fall and now we are celebrating Jack’s 1st year of life.  Wha?

2.  Jack is what you call a “mess.”  Not just any mess, though.  A joyful, happy, adorable, bright-eyed, funny, rosy-cheeked, toothy, snuggly blessing of a baby.  I had 3 “messes” myself and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

3.  I LOVE these at home lifestyle sessions.  LOVE them.  We had a 6 month lifestyle with baby J, too, and his giraffe made an appearance there also.  Whoever invented the giraffe baby toy…brilliant.    Let me just say one more thing…with this family, what you see in these shots is real.  They are LOVE.


Reena - Allison, you are fantastic! How can I even pick a favorite out of all of these BEAUTIFUL images? I love them all! I do love the ones of him and balloons and the one of dad throwing him up in the air!

Stephanie - Holy cow Alison! These are so, so, so, so awesome!!!

Leslie - WHOA! These are awesome! So perfectly beautiful. You are so clever and creative with your angles.

JasonandLara Graham - Ok my goodness !! Love the balloons and Sophie and the apron and and and . I could go on and on! Love !!

Sally Bryan Molhoek - Oh my gosh he’s so cute! I love the balloons and his sweet toesies! Perfect!

Carrie Murphy Fisher - Love these!!! Thank you for these sweet memories 🙂

Jeanine - The setting here is awesome and the cuteness of that little boy is off the charts! Your clarity, use of light and perspective make you a phenomenal photographer.

Emily - How stinkin cute is this family??? I love the balloons so much, and all of the little details you captured!

Laura Hooper Thornton - love these!

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