Lauren & Lakin!! Montgomery, Alabama Child Photographer

3 things:

1. Oh, I had the BEST time with these adorable gals this past Fall.  #stillbehindonblogging

2.  We took in two Tallassee locations, one of which I’d never seen before.  These girls were EASY!!   I mean, they loved the camera and as you can see, the camera loved them more!  Can I bottle up their energy and shoot some into my tired veins?  Pulease!!!  Just look at these shots and tell me we didn’t have fun.

3.  One word.  Freckles.  I <3 em.  Like, REALLY <3 em.

For the symbol challenged folks…<3=a heart

Emily - Gosh these are beautiful. Really, really beautiful. I <3 freckles too.

Leigh Smith - Allison- the girls loved you too! They have said when they get their pictures taken again- they want Mrs. Allison!!

Anne Kerr - Unreal. Seriously Allison, you blow my mind everytime….and you keep getting better. You are one of my favs….this session is beyond amazing. art work, all of them♥

Emily grapes - These girls are so beautiful. I love how close they seem in every photo! These are so so lovely, I love your editing!!

Porch Swing Photography - Great job, Allison; the girls look wonderful! My favorite pose is the one looking back over the wall.

Jennifer - these are so gorgeous…amazing light!! I’m a new fan 🙂

Sally Bryan Molhoek - GASP. Beautiful. I’m so jealous you got to photograph those beautiful girls in that beautiful light! Gah!

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