Baby Barrett is 9 months!! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Lifestyle Photographer

3 things:

1. GUUUEEESSS who’s walking???!!  9 months old, on the move and I love it!  He is so proud of himself.   Baby BB was GREAT for me, as usual.   Smiley, gushy, lovin.

2.  Baby lifestyle sessions make me so happy.  They are real….and fun…and beautiful.  Beauty is home.  When I first met with Barrett’s parents at their maternity session they were all, “we aren’t very lovey dovey, yadayadayada.”  A session with me cures that, , right Meaghan, ha!!!  They are the BEST parents! 🙂

3.  We set off for Barrett’s great grandfather’s land at the end, but, brrrrrr, it was chilly for us southern folk.   That blue cable knit hat owned me.  Have you ever???

P.S. Sophie the giraffe is the bomb.


Emily Charais - Oh how adorable! I really love the black and white photos…they are so timeless and pretty!

Reena - WOW WOW WOW!! these are fantastic!! I love all of them…he is just adorable and can’t believe he is walking! I love the two of him crawling (BW’s) adorable.

Leslie - Totally and completely darling. Such beautiful light and expressions – so YOU!

Sally Bryan Molhoek - oh how beautiful! you don’t know how much I’m salivating over all that gorgeous light you get!

Jeanine - Oh Allison, these are so beautiful!! What an adorable little guy! His smile is so great.

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