Lilah is home! Montgomery, Alabama Child and Family Photographer

3 things:

1.  I don’t always get around to sharing mini sessions on my blog, but I had to share this one!  Adoption is one of those things I want to shout about.  I have never adopted a child, but I feel like part of my heart is destined to tell their story.  I want to photograph the love.  I want to cry with the parents when they share their journey with me.

2.  Lilah, oh sweet girl.  Your parents saved you.  I’m not really sure who saved whom, though, because I saw a renewing of spirit in the eyes of your mama and daddy.  It’s total joy.  Can I cry now?

3.  I think my kids want to adopt Lilah from Amy and Dennis.  I hope that’s okay. 😉  Seriously, we had a blast together.  L was perfect for me.  We didn’t even need gummies!  That’s unheard of for a 2 year old, ha!!  Not that it matters, but, is this baby not GORGEOUS!!  I mean, drop dead GORGEOUS?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s.  Her mama made her heirloom dress.  You have my adoration.  Icouldnever.

Leslie C - Oh. My. Goodness. That is one of the most beautiful, loving set of family photos I have ever seen. That white dress!! Those darling expressions! The light and the compositions! So incredibly perfect in every way.

Jill Morelock - beautiful family and gorgeous pictures!

Layla Hughes - Beautiful in so many ways!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thanks Layla! 🙂 It’s a great story!

Candi Jackson Clapp - Beautiful pics of a beautuiful and so deserving family!

Roxanne Alewine Walker - Your pictures telll a beautiful story!

Elizabeth Williams Wuokko - Love, Love, Love these photos!

Susan Neal Clapp - Isn’t it great when you can say they are all your favorites!

Kim Myers - Just beautiful!

Shannon - What a beautiful little girl and a beautiful family! Love the emotion, adoration, and well – LOVE – that embodies these photos. Congratulations to this new family!

April O'Hare - Oh my gosh isn’t she the cutest?! You got such great expressions otu of her:) I love the B&W shot of her smiling with her daddy!

Reena - She is just beautiful, THEY are a beautiful family! I love those last two pictures of them and that long white gown is stunning!

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