The Harrell Family | Montgomery, Alabama Family Photography

3 things:

1.  Twins in a pecan orchard?  Hot dog!  I traveled to the country to photograph this gorgeous family recently.   I wanted to build a home right where we had our shoot.  It was so peaceful and beautiful!

2.  Before we drove to the orchard, we snapped a few at their home.  I need Lauren to come and design my home!  She has an amazing eye and coordinated their wardrobe perfectly.

3.  Trey and Lauren were so laid back with these little guys.  I can’t wait to watch them grow up! 🙂



Emily - On the agenda: have twins and hire you. That’s it.

Heather Pulse - beautiful as always!

Jan DeFee Collier - These are great pictures. Love this Family. The twins are precious!

Heather Shapiro - Awesome captures! You can see the love shine through on these pictures!

Karen Nielsen Leverette - Beautiful family! Lauren and Trey are blessed!:)

Andrea Julian Welsch - These are beautiful! Lauren Pettus Harrell… How will you decide what to buy? You need them all!

Leslie Mick Crane - These are absolutely beautiful!

Lyndsey Collier Grider - Love!!

Lyndsey Collier Grider - Love!!

Becky Kondrakiewicz Crnkovich - So beautiful Allison! Gorgeous family! They have great style 🙂 Love all the emotion you captured and what a wonderful variety.

Jeanine - These are such beautiful images. You captured them so beautifully! Adorable kids!

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