Erica, c/o 2014!! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photography

3 things:

1.  Dream client right here, folks.   She is beautiful and I love her wild curls.  I mean that as the highest compliment!, you know I’m obesessed with hair.  We arrived at at “new to me” location to shoot her senior session and I was terrified of the possibility of a snake sighting.  Thankfully, Erica’s brother came along toting his shot gun(and a rake…and a hoe.)  That sucker was loaded and this lady relaxed.  THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERETT, FOR YOUR MACHO-NESS!  Seriously, I cannot thank him enough b/c we would not have been able to shoot the first scene shown below if it wasn’t for him.  #dudetookcareofit

2.  It was hot like a furnace outside that day.  It was muggy and buggy.  (like that, do ya?)  We loaded up on Deet and pressed along.   A little sweat never hurt a body.  In fact, Erica has a glow in these images that I am in LOVE with!  See if you can spot her little doggy in one of the pics.  Lulu decided to make a cameo.

3.  This girl can flip all over the place…back tucks, and every cheer jump you can imagine.  She is considering Alabama…RTR!!  I love her precious mama, too.  We had the best time laughing and just being silly.  When the sun began to set, I wasn’t ready for it to be over.  But, I think we have some amazing images below!  Enjoy…and leave a comment for this lovely girl!


Behind the scenes!  Check out my instagram for a few more behind the scenes pics. “allisonhilyer”

reena - can I just say AMAZING!! wow. She is gorgeous…so many different looks and feel with these…as soon as I pick a favorite I find a new one!

Sara - WOW Allison. You are amazing. LOVE these. I can’t even pick a favorite because I love so many of them. Beautiful girl…love her smile and her hair is gorgeous!

Emily Charais - These are all seriously like something out of a dream. You are so great at capturing all of the emotions, feelings, and looks! Your clients are so blessed to have so much variety…all completely gorgeous! Dang girl. This one is for the books.

Becky - Each one was more amazing than the last! Stunning…gorgeous! Amazing work as usual!!

Christina Honaker - Love these! You captured Erica’s personality perfectly! We will treasure these for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much!

Kim Ammons Mulkey - Love, Love, Love!

Morgan Noelle Wynn - Gorgeous location+great photog+gorgeous senior=images that are to die for!!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you so much @[1408569636:2048:Morgan Noelle Wynn]!! 🙂

Gena Hill - Beautiful location! Every shot is perfect!

Leslie - Are you KIDDING ME with these??????? These are so beautiful it hurts. You and she did some amazing things in this session. The word “beautiful” doesn’t seem adequate.

Jill Canterberry Sanderson - I love them all, Erica yo are naturally beautiful, and the location was perfect!

Becky Thornton Jackson - Beautiful

Sylvia Bright - I like her photography but the pictures I saw are not seniors. They are more like middle aged. She does capture them in a perfect way.

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Sylvia, thank you! These are high school seniors/graduates. 🙂

Amber Erickson - These are so insanely, gorgeously, perfect, Allison! What a beautiful girl! You brought out her personality in these. Love!

Margaret Darst - A granddaughter and photographs to be proud of. She is beautiful.

Stephanie - O.M.G. You.are.amazeballs.

These are so stunning, and jeez oh pete! What a GORGEOUS young woman!

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