LB and Tyler get hitched! Montgomery, Alabama Wedding Photographer”

3 things:

1.  Recently, I drove to Dalton, GA(a beautiful little city, by the way) to photograph the wedding of Loni Beth and Tyler.  Oh, what an adorable, precious couple they are.  Sigh…   She was the happiest of brides.  Seriously, her smile was HUMONGOUS all day long.  Her joyful spirit is so contagious and it was wonderful to work with her.  Tyler is charming and funny.  I loved his smile and friendly nature.  They are perfect for one another!   All the bridesmaids and groomsman were great, too!  Right before the ceremony, LB and her girls got together for a chain prayer and it was so moving.  What a great way to start your marriage!

2.  How they fell in love… in LB’s words…

“I first saw Tyler during volleyball practice. He was walking through the gym with the basketball team. HE HAD A MOHAWK. If anyone knows me, I HATE  Mohawks. Tyler was acting silly walking through and one of my teammates walked over to me and said, “LB, that kid would be perfect for you.” I looked at her and laughed! A few months later it was time for the Berry vs. Shorter game! So, the Volleyball team painted up and went to the game where basketball had a big time recruit watching them. Needless to say, this recruit wanted to meet me. After the game I got a phone call from a number I didn’t know. It was Tyler and he wanted me to come over to his apartment and meet this kid. After a few minutes of ” No, I am not coming over,” I caved and said I’ll come for 1 hour. After that night, Tyler and I started to hang out a little more with our friends, and then it started to just be us. Tyler asked me on our first date after a basketball game when he was driving me back to my dorm room (the day before Valentine’s day!). I was about to get out of the car and he asked if I wanted to go to dinner and a movie!  After the first date, the rest is history. We have dated for almost three years. He is the love of my life and my best friend. I could not have asked for a better man to be placed in my life by God!! He is an answered prayer!”

3.  We dealt with a few downpours which kept us confined to indoor shooting areas and porches most of the time.  The venue didn’t disappoint, though, with it’s beautiful window light.  The ceremony was seriously heart melting.  Both their father’s had a role and there were tears in my eyes the whole time.  My favorite part was when LB’s dad told her groom, “You aren’t getting a princess, Tyler, you’re getting Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”  Hahaha!!   Thank you so much LB and Tyler for letting me be a part of your special day.  I know you guys will be so happy together! 🙂

P.S.  If you are interested in booking a wedding with me, I only take a few per year, so call way in advance! 🙂


Stephanie - Once again, SWOONING over your amazing talent.

You are so amazing Allison! These photo are GORGEOUS!

Amber - Girl, these are just amazing. Jaw dropping amazing. You knocked this one out of the park!!

Lonnie Jones - There seems to be a lot of kissing before the ceremony….
Did you encourage this???!!!!
Great job! Most beautiful!!!

Leslie - Yeah, you are pretty much the most amazing wedding photographer ever. Spectacular, amazing, stupendous!!!

jeanine - These images are amazing! You captured their personalities, detail and emotions of the day so superbly! You continue to outdo your self every time. Your work amazes me!

reena - Allison, these are fantastic! I love them all….you are not only a great family photographer but a totally AWESOME wedding photographer. They are going to love how you captured their day!

Lb Jones Watkins - Oh my! These are more than amazing! Balling my eyes out! You are amazing!

Emily Charais - Girl. Why don’t you just stop it with the incredibleness, awesomeness, bodaciousness….golly. This couple, their day, and your work…all phenomenal!

Amanda Collins - Love love love these!!!!

Dana Fisher Thompson - These are AMAZING!

Jon Moseley - LB, I didn’t know the story of how you started dating Tyler. I guess I didn’t keep you busy enough that day at practice…but that’s OK, I guess that’s how God planned it!

Sara Clippinger - These are incredible! I love the one of you & your mom cracking up. Such a wonderful image 🙂

Anonymous - Wow! Amazing job by Allison in capturing the beautiful, relaxed mood of the wedding! They are soooooooooo wonderful and perfect! I can’t quit looking at them. LB’s mom, jacque.

Amanda Carmichael Plavich - Love, love, LOVE!

Jenny Young Suddath - Soooo cute! Great job!

Lb Jones Watkins - so perfect!!!!!!

Sally Bryan Molhoek - wow, girlfriend, I think I’m resigning as a wedding photographer after seeing this! you totally and completely rock and this couple sure is lucky.

Lb Jones Watkins - I mean I keep coming back to lok at these! Allison! I am just in awe! I love love love the ones with my dad and the knot! So amazing you captured that moment to a “T”!

Lb Jones Watkins - Coach I think it was during a water break!! haha

Jon Moseley - Ok LB, we’ll go with that! haha

Cortney Smith Photography - Yeah, that is pretty much amazing! Love them all! Is there anything your not good at? BEAUTIFUL!

Andrea - Stunning and inspirational work! You told their story beautifully!

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