Aynsley & Kevin say, “I do!” Montgomery, Alabama Photographer

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Aynsley and Kevin.  The Athletic Trainer and the Tennis Pro.  🙂 They got married right across the street from her parent’s home at the Waters in Pike Road, Alabama.  The venue was the beautiful chapel.  I LOVE that spot, it has so much character!

Picture this: (guys, just roll with me here)

It’s your wedding day.  The skies are blue.  It’s 80 degrees and breezy.  You’ve just arrived from having some of the best artists in Montgomery do your hair and make up.  You are fresh and beautiful.  The kitchen is full of homemade goodies for your bridal party.  Your mom looks brilliant.  Your dad is joyous.  Your bridesmaids and sisters are laughing.  Your dog is nearby.  Your flower girls are playing in their bloomers.  Your groom is right across the street waiting to see you.  Your photographers are ready!  Ready for the money shot of you getting into the dress you’ve always dreamed of.

Your dress is pulled out of the white covering.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.   There’s a bit of quiet chaos all of a sudden.  The two photographers are cutting their eyes at each other.  You are like, “what’s that bling on my dress?’  The photographers hearts are beating too fast….because they just heard someone scream, “IT’S NOT HER DRESS!!”   You are in denial.  You are shocked.  You are devastated.   You find a piece of paper with another girl’s name on the dress.  Reality sinks in…your dress is in Nashville, Tennessee, more than 4 hours away.  Ironically, the wedding is now 4 hours away.   Your mom is viciously, but carefully, cutting the bling off the dress to see if it will work.  What else is there to do, there is a wedding in a few hours?!   There are tears.  There is compassion. There is anger.  There are hearts breaking.

Why not just *try* the dress on and see if it fits.  After all, you have a lace jacket that will cover most of it anyway.  You try it on and it’s huge.  It’s falls off.  There are more tears, in fact…there are sobs.  Your sweet family gets ON IT!!  Everyone is suggesting something.  Call a seamstress.  Call a Boutique here.  Finally, there is hope.  Luckily, and I don’t really mean luck…the family you nannied for in Nashville is flying down on their own plane and has time to go pick your dress up at the boutique.  You know, the boutique that gave you someone else’s dress on your WEDDING day!  That’s a pretty big, “oops.”   Pssst.   Hey Nashville wedding dress boutique, you fumbled.  You fumbled on the 1 yard line  when you were about to score…in the National Championship.

You were so graceful through the whole thing.  Your photographer thought to herself that she may have pitched a huge tantrum if that would have been her.  She may or may not have have thrown a large item or person at the wall…  But you were lovely throughout the whole fiasco.

As soon as the dress was in the air, we gave ourselves permission to laugh our heads off at the whole debacle.  Now, it was still shocking, but it became shockingly funny.  Your dad informed us that the  “dress courier”  was in route!!  There were cheers!  Someone noticed a little body odor.  Your photographer promises it wasn’t her.  Your sweet little mom informed us that stress  BO is much worse than sweat BO.  I think it was actually Hayley or Paige.

Paige called John, your make up dude, and he answered the phone with a, “what happened?”  You headed back for a make up re-do.   You came back as beautiful as ever and you and your sisters watched out the window for the dress to arrive.   You laughed some more.   You tried on the “anti-dress” for some fun.  Your bridesmaids did impersonations.

As soon as the dress arrived, about an hour and 15 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to begin, you hurried and rushed to cram 5 hours of pictures into 1 hour.  You did it and you looked DAZZLING!   Your sister and father recorded a beautiful version of “A Thousand Years” in which you walked down the isle.  Your photographer has listened to it about 30 times while editing your pictures.  You married the love of your life and he is totally adorable.  Your reception on Lake Cameron was perfect!  What a happy ending to a very memorable day!  Your whole family is precious.  🙂

Special thanks to Emily Dudley for being an awesome second shooter!

If you are interested in getting married at the beautiful chapel at the Waters, contact me and I will put you in touch with the owners.  You won’t regret it, it is magical! 🙂

Leslie - You tell an amazing story with your words AND your camera! What a gorgeous wedding and how lucky were they to have you as their photographer! You are amazing.

Kim Hilliard - Just gorgeous work as always Allison Donahoo Hilyer! She couldn’t have chosen a more perfect photographer for her event! <3

Rita Entrekin - What a day!! AND, what an incredible photographer(s)!! Allison, thank you so much for capturing the beauty and the emotions of the day! These pictures are fantastic! You are amazing!

Teri Phillips - Beautiful pictures….Rita, she looks just like you!

Amy Harrell - Just beautiful!!

Paige Entrekin - I seriously can’t quit looking at these photos and reliving the chaos, humor, and eventual pride as I saw Ayns walk down the aisle toward Kevin. Thanks again for doing such an amazing job and keeping the mood light!

Carol Ann Pigg - Beautiful! So happy to see these!

Dale Entrekin - Oh. Wow. These pictures make me question my sanity. There is no sign of the day I thought we experienced, only the day everyone dreamed of. Aynsley, you are so beautiful, just like your mother and sisters. Kevin, you look pretty good, too. And Allison, what magic you worked to make everything seem so…normal. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it special. You know who you are.

Kimberly Wingfield Porter - What a story!!! I almost started crying as I was reading it. So glad everything turned out wonderful. The pics are beautiful.

Amber - Wow, just wow! These are beyond stunning Allison! You are so talented. I love all the details and beautiful wide angle shots.

Hayley - Just beautiful! Can’t believe that all of that happened but you helped be the calm in the storm. Thank you so much for all of your hard work!

Amye - Alison, you captivate me every time with your photos! These are absolutely gorgeous!

Becky - Holy moly these are amazing Allison!! Your work never ceases to amaze. Just gorgeous, all around.

Lisa Dowdy Barber - Well, I heard the “dress story”; now I have a visual. What a beautiful visual!

Marie Manley - These photos are beautiful just like your beautiful family. Best wishes to all!!!

Linda McIntyre - What an absolutely beautiful bride and wedding!!!! Pumpkins for sale!!!!!!

Jennifer Graham - Gorgeous pictures!! A stunning wedding!!

emily charais - What an amazing wedding day tale to be able to tell the grandkids down the road! I love the choice of cotton..so beautiful. You did such a wonderful job, with so much grace under pressure Allison!

Reena - What a stunning bride….she is so beautiful, inside and out. Not to mention the beautiful documentation (photos) of her perfect day. Enjoyed the story you told about her day….glad it all turned out well.

Carol Spear Fulgham - Absolutely beautiful pictures! I still can’t believe it about the dress!!!! Wow, how God worked that out for ya’ll. Beautiful pictures in every way!!!!

Carol Spear Fulgham - I looked back at these pictures today and they are truly incredible! Since I grew up across the street from Mike Vinson, I’m sure glad ya’ll got some work out of him!!!! Love Mike!!!! Sweet sweet family!!!!!!

Kathy Welch - These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love the way they capture so much emotion. These will transport you to that day every time you look at them!

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