Cutter and Company… 6 months Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

What can I say about this angel except for the fact that he’s one of my favorite babies in the world.  Yup, he is.   He has super squeezable thighs.  Wouldn’t that be awesome if that was adored in adults as well? 😉  Did I mention the fact that he is always happy?  We stuck him in a basket several times and I’m sure he was thinking, “um, again?”  But, CB took one for the team.   My husband may make me quit this job b/c it’s giving me baby fever.

Taryn - LOVE!!!!! I cannot tell you how much we absolutely love these! Thank you so much- you did an awesome job!

Janet - I’m his great-aunt, and these pictures make me want to hop on a plane to Montgomery just to plant a big sloppy kiss on his adorable cheeks!! Thanks for taking such beautiful pictures of such a handsome lil man!!!

Robin - Taryn, these pics are absolutely beautiful. He is soooooo cute!

Lara - Adorable!!!

Miriam McCubbin - How I would love to squeeze this adorable Great Grandson!! These pictures are precious! Love to all, MawMaw

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