Welcome Lucy!! Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Photographer

3 things:

1.  I am CRAZY for this family.  They are as good as gold.  When I found out about baby Lucy’s upcoming arrival, I may have heel clicked, or something.  Doug and Carrie are some of the best parents I’ve witnessed.  They should have 3 more, eh? 😉   They are so cool, they even have a creamish white couch and it is clean.  Whoa.  They are so, so cool, that when I told Doug we were going to have to move all the kitchen furniture, he plastered on a big smile and we got it done lickity split.

2.  When I arrived a week after she was born, I was met at the door by 2 year old Jack.  He said, “hey Assion,” and grabbed my hand.  Such friendly little guys Doug and Carrie are raising.   Bigger brother Cooper is super protective of both his little siblings.  Hey Doug, Lucy looks like you,  I love it!  She is pretty loved, I’d say.  She is also so laid back.  What a great way for number 3 to be!!  I love this fam!  I can’t wait to see these kiddos grow up! 🙂

3.  I am booking newborn lifestyle sessions now!  Don’t wait until a month before your due date, contact me as soon as you find out you are expecting.  🙂  Email me here: allison@allisonhilyerphotography.com

P.S.  Check out the adorable lamp in baby Lucy’s room.  Carrie bought it from my friend’s boutique “Quite the Pair.”  It’s in the McLemore building on Atlanta Hwy.  They have awesome stuff!!!   And, most of her other beautiful nursery decor/furniture came from Name Dropper.  LOVE it!!

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Allison Hilyer is an award-winning, on-location, natural light photographer specializing in lifestyle portraiture. She serves the Montgomery area to include: Montgomery, Pike Road, Wetumpka, Prattville, Tallassee, Greenville, Troy, and Auburn.

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Leslie - Oh, the amazing things you do with little babies and their families, right at home. These are gorgeous!!

Michaela Wickman - These are gorgeous! And the family, home, and nursery are adorable! I am always so jealous of your perfect clients and their gorgeous homes! 😉 I am sure they will cherish these forever!

Amber Erickson - Allison, this is one of my favorite sessions of yours! Every image is stunning!! You have such skill with lifestyle sessions. LOVE!!

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