Lazy and Hazy… Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

Yes, I’ve been lazy and haven’t taken many pictures of my own kids lately.  It’s been a little warm outside and I am just not that motivated to sweat these days.  However,  I have a wall to fill and AW is included in that vision.

But, of course my plan did not start off well.  A failed prop and a sister that started off in a sour mood.  I let her bring her fav. AG doll for some shots.  I think those might be my favorite.   She is really into dressing her babies and creating accessories from what she can find from around the house.   I have veered away from my usual love of smocked and appliqued clothing(GASP) to go a simpler route because simple photographs well.

I wanted a hazy look for these shots and waited until the sun started to set in the sky because that is my favorite lighting.  My house is NOT a photographer’s paradise.  It’s the opposite.  I hope to change that soon!   Please pray for us that we will find the house that we can call home!  Between my house and the house next to me, I can catch the  backlight of the sunset.   I will post my wall when it is finished.  🙂

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