Caroline! Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

3 things:

1.  Caroline was the most adorable newborn!  She had chubby cheeks and beautiful skin.  I love her mama’s red hair, I hope she gets it!

2.  I had an awesome time getting to know Amanda and Adam!  They adore their girl and were both such naturals with her…it was like they had done it before. 🙂  I love when the family dog makes an appearance in my pictures.   Fletch loved Caroline, too!  I’ll even excuse the Auburn collar.  😉  How gorgeous is Caroline’s nursery?!!!

3.  When I drove into their neighborhood, I noticed a beautiful dandelion field and I knew we had to head outside for a few.  I used a quilt Amanda’s grandmother made for her.   LOVE!   Thanks so much for letting me capture your family, Adam and Amanda. 🙂


Lara M. Lewis - All just beautiful! Such a sweet family!

Melissa Schuelly Freeman - So precious!

reena - what a stunning session…so incredibly beautiful the whole family is!

Amanda Scott Freeman - I love them! You are so talented! We had such a fun day with you, and I am so grateful you captured this special time in our lives.

Amanda Dawn Floyd - These are beautiful pictures Amanda! Congratulations to you both, she is precious!

Sherry Fleischman Russ - Beautiful pictures

Shanna Jackson - Priceless moments.

Stephanie - Oh my gosh Allison! These are amazing. What a beautiful little family!


Erica, c/o 2014!! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photography

3 things:

1.  Dream client right here, folks.   She is beautiful and I love her wild curls.  I mean that as the highest compliment!, you know I’m obesessed with hair.  We arrived at at “new to me” location to shoot her senior session and I was terrified of the possibility of a snake sighting.  Thankfully, Erica’s brother came along toting his shot gun(and a rake…and a hoe.)  That sucker was loaded and this lady relaxed.  THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERETT, FOR YOUR MACHO-NESS!  Seriously, I cannot thank him enough b/c we would not have been able to shoot the first scene shown below if it wasn’t for him.  #dudetookcareofit

2.  It was hot like a furnace outside that day.  It was muggy and buggy.  (like that, do ya?)  We loaded up on Deet and pressed along.   A little sweat never hurt a body.  In fact, Erica has a glow in these images that I am in LOVE with!  See if you can spot her little doggy in one of the pics.  Lulu decided to make a cameo.

3.  This girl can flip all over the place…back tucks, and every cheer jump you can imagine.  She is considering Alabama…RTR!!  I love her precious mama, too.  We had the best time laughing and just being silly.  When the sun began to set, I wasn’t ready for it to be over.  But, I think we have some amazing images below!  Enjoy…and leave a comment for this lovely girl!


Behind the scenes!  Check out my instagram for a few more behind the scenes pics. “allisonhilyer”

reena - can I just say AMAZING!! wow. She is gorgeous…so many different looks and feel with these…as soon as I pick a favorite I find a new one!

Sara - WOW Allison. You are amazing. LOVE these. I can’t even pick a favorite because I love so many of them. Beautiful girl…love her smile and her hair is gorgeous!

Emily Charais - These are all seriously like something out of a dream. You are so great at capturing all of the emotions, feelings, and looks! Your clients are so blessed to have so much variety…all completely gorgeous! Dang girl. This one is for the books.

Becky - Each one was more amazing than the last! Stunning…gorgeous! Amazing work as usual!!

Christina Honaker - Love these! You captured Erica’s personality perfectly! We will treasure these for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much!

Kim Ammons Mulkey - Love, Love, Love!

Morgan Noelle Wynn - Gorgeous location+great photog+gorgeous senior=images that are to die for!!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you so much @[1408569636:2048:Morgan Noelle Wynn]!! 🙂

Gena Hill - Beautiful location! Every shot is perfect!

Leslie - Are you KIDDING ME with these??????? These are so beautiful it hurts. You and she did some amazing things in this session. The word “beautiful” doesn’t seem adequate.

Jill Canterberry Sanderson - I love them all, Erica yo are naturally beautiful, and the location was perfect!

Becky Thornton Jackson - Beautiful

Sylvia Bright - I like her photography but the pictures I saw are not seniors. They are more like middle aged. She does capture them in a perfect way.

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Sylvia, thank you! These are high school seniors/graduates. 🙂

Amber Erickson - These are so insanely, gorgeously, perfect, Allison! What a beautiful girl! You brought out her personality in these. Love!

Margaret Darst - A granddaughter and photographs to be proud of. She is beautiful.

Stephanie - O.M.G. You.are.amazeballs.

These are so stunning, and jeez oh pete! What a GORGEOUS young woman!


Kaylin! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photography

3 things:


1.  I got a call from a loving mam not too long ago.  She wanted to schedule COLLEGE Senior pics for her daughter.  Um, yeeeaaah.  How fun!  Kaylin is about to graduate from Auburn with a degree in Apparel Merchandising and has headed up North(yes, I had to look up whether to capitalize that)  to intern for the summer!

2.  Hair. I sort of have a thing for long hair.  I threatened her not to cut it…ever.   She probably thought I was a psycho.  Anywho…it’s lovely.  She is one of those gals whose eyes light up when she smiles.  You can literally SEE her smile in her eyes.  Sigh…

3.  We had a natural breeze that day, it was so perfect.  I know Kaylin will knock the socks off all those apparel folks at Nordstrom…AND, she will have some awesome pictures for her upcoming job interviews!!   Yay!    Thanks so much for letting me capture this time, guys!!



Cindy Barlow DeBardelaben - WE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! You ROCK, Allison!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - I am so glad!! That is one photogenic girl!! 🙂

Melinda Barlow Pemberton - Allison! I love these! They make me smile and cry at the same time:) This sweet girl is so precious to me and I am so proud of her:) Thank you!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, @[1648698564:2048:Melinda Barlow Pemberton]! She made my job easy! I have so enjoyed photographing all of you guys and can’t wait for Grayson!

Judi Young Meeks - She is beautiful and always has been. I can still see her at the lake in the swing with little curls a couple of weeks before Papa died. I still miss those days when the little ones were coming along.

Becky Kondrakiewicz Crnkovich - Just beautiful Allison! gorgeous light and gorgeous girl!

Emily Charais - Having portraits taken as a college senior is such an incredible idea! I love it! Her wardrobe is so great, and I love the variety and mood of this session!

Leslie - Oh, SO gorgeous! I love how beautiful and relaxed these are. Every one is just a work of art. Her smile is so infectious!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you so much, @[1045394686:2048:Becky Kondrakiewicz Crnkovich]!

Julie Atkinson Reynolds - Oh my Word! KK God has blessed you with such beauty, but its the beauty of your heart – the smile that comes from the love on the inside that make you such a treasure! I love you sweet girl!

Stephanie - Oh c’mon! You are so good!!!! I am seriously dying here.

Girl, you need to come to Michigan and teach me your secrets! These are beautiful!


My kids…a puppy…and a hammock! Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photography

3 things…or more…

1.  It’s been a while since I’ve had time to shoot my own kids.  It’s pitiful, really, b/c they started off being all muse like and such.  Now, between my sessions and their ball schedules, it’s so hard to make it happen.  I literally decided the day before to do this and sweetly asked everyone if that was okay laid down the law.  😉

2.  I had ordered wardrobe earlier, consisting of Mini Boden for A Dub and Gap for the boys.  Copeland refused to wear what I had for him, “too skater, ma,”      …When did he get out of diapers, now?   I had to improvise with a Vineyard Vines polo.    Usually, I wouldn’t “two stripe” a session.   But, we rolled with it.

3.   We went to the lake earlier in the day so I slathered them with sunscreen.  As much as I love editing a good tomato face, I was glad the SPF 70 did it’s job.  Meanwhile, back at my in-laws farm, there was a 6 week old puppy waiting for some grandkid love.  Who doesn’t love a puppy?   Awe.  :-/   Once again,  I gave in so there wouldn’t be tears for the next two hours.  Thus, the puppy joined the session.

4.  I gave David his honey-do (I hate that word) list which involved hanging the hammock I ordered last Fall…for a Fall session with my kids…that never happened….

5.  All in all, I’m happy b/c I have new pictures to hang on the wall of these three that hold my heart.   It doesn’t matter that there were over 200 outtakes of them swatting flies, itching their legs and licking one other.   It’s no big deal that the neighbors acres away heard me yell a few times.  I may or may not have cried.  It was worth it… totally…and I love these guys to pieces!

ps…edited these really fast b/c I have a busy week coming up! 🙂

Tami - Your children are absolutely adorable and these photos are perfect in every single way.

Sara - OMG…Allison! These are perfection! I kinda want to hang photos of your kids on my walls! 🙂

Emily Charais - Wow! I love your wardrobe choice, ‘two stripes” and all. They look so put together and are styled so nicely. The light is so beautiful, you did a great job with your own family, and I know how hard it can be to photograph family! Gorgeous!

reena - well these are just down right fantastic. Everything is just perfect…beautiful kids, light, location and a puppy = perfection.

Clay Aaron - These are fabulous pictures of your precious family!! Like I tell you all the time…you are SO talented!

Leslie - Shut the front door. These are amazing. You are an amazing mom for creating such happy kids. And the freckles… Don’t even get me started on the freckles.

Fantastic pictures and funniest blog post EVER.

sally - You are so amazing. I love all of these. You never cease to amaze me with the sheer NUMBER of stellar images you get in a session, and this with your kids is no exception. I’m so glad to see these awesome kids in your photos. They are so gorgeous.

Amber Erickson - I absolutely love these Allison! Your kids are so gorgeous and you really captured some beautiful moments between them. AMAZING!

Heather Pulse - So great and I love all the interactions – wish my kids would do the same! I’m guessing I don’t lay down enough law ;).

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Amber!!! 🙂

April Ingram Browne - Wow, Alison! These are gorgeous! What cute kids and beautiful memories:)

Anna Resner-Burska - Beautiful story of your family. Lovely collection Allison!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you so much, heather!! I bed your kids would!!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you April! I am looking forward to meeting you guys!! 🙂

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you very much Anna!!

Meredith Black Sellars - LOVE!

Lakecia Harris - Girrlll…..I love your pictures 🙂

Becky Kondrakiewicz Crnkovich - Seriously amazing! I might have to fly you to Wisconsin to shoot my kids!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Meredith!

Amye - LOVE these! they are getting so big!

Shana - Allison, you did an AMAZING job as always!!! I just love them all! Gorgeous and perfect images of your gorgeous children!! These should all be printed BIG for your wall! 🙂

Stephanie - These are so amazing Allison! Your kids are gorgeous, and you captured them beautifully!

I am so blown away with your talent!

Jeanine - These are amazing! You have so many wonderful images in this session. (what else is new?!?) I wish I had images like this of my kids. Spectacular! Just when I think you can’t out do yourself you do it again, and again!


The Harrell Family | Montgomery, Alabama Family Photography

3 things:

1.  Twins in a pecan orchard?  Hot dog!  I traveled to the country to photograph this gorgeous family recently.   I wanted to build a home right where we had our shoot.  It was so peaceful and beautiful!

2.  Before we drove to the orchard, we snapped a few at their home.  I need Lauren to come and design my home!  She has an amazing eye and coordinated their wardrobe perfectly.

3.  Trey and Lauren were so laid back with these little guys.  I can’t wait to watch them grow up! 🙂



Emily - On the agenda: have twins and hire you. That’s it.

Heather Pulse - beautiful as always!

Jan DeFee Collier - These are great pictures. Love this Family. The twins are precious!

Heather Shapiro - Awesome captures! You can see the love shine through on these pictures!

Karen Nielsen Leverette - Beautiful family! Lauren and Trey are blessed!:)

Andrea Julian Welsch - These are beautiful! Lauren Pettus Harrell… How will you decide what to buy? You need them all!

Leslie Mick Crane - These are absolutely beautiful!

Lyndsey Collier Grider - Love!!

Lyndsey Collier Grider - Love!!

Becky Kondrakiewicz Crnkovich - So beautiful Allison! Gorgeous family! They have great style 🙂 Love all the emotion you captured and what a wonderful variety.

Jeanine - These are such beautiful images. You captured them so beautifully! Adorable kids!