Sweet baby Anna! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer

3 things:

1.  It has been BABY TIME at AHP lately…and I LOVE the babies!  Little Anna is growing up so fast and seriously, cuter than ever!!   Her eyes are huge, brown and sparkletwinkly.  That sounds cheese ball, but it’s oh, so true!   You know…when you see a smile in someone’s eyes…she’s got it!

2.  We had a little chill in the air for her session but she was smiley and happy.  Her mom says she is like that all the time. 🙂   I knew I was getting great shots when I felt myself melt every time I hit the shutter!!   I love chubby baby, now!  I had a new bonnet I wanted to try and it looked SO ADORABLE on her!  Love!!

3.  I also got to see her gorgeous older sister with the best hair ever.  She is always sweet and helpful!  ♥♥♥♥♥


Kay Davis - Beautiful! Audrey and Anna are such beautiful great-nieces!

Peggy Stone Guyse - What beautiful little girls! We have got to see them soon.

Reena - oh my goodness, she is just precious! they both are. I love the images with the little teeth poking out! Beautiful session Allison!


Lilah is home! Montgomery, Alabama Child and Family Photographer

3 things:

1.  I don’t always get around to sharing mini sessions on my blog, but I had to share this one!  Adoption is one of those things I want to shout about.  I have never adopted a child, but I feel like part of my heart is destined to tell their story.  I want to photograph the love.  I want to cry with the parents when they share their journey with me.

2.  Lilah, oh sweet girl.  Your parents saved you.  I’m not really sure who saved whom, though, because I saw a renewing of spirit in the eyes of your mama and daddy.  It’s total joy.  Can I cry now?

3.  I think my kids want to adopt Lilah from Amy and Dennis.  I hope that’s okay. 😉  Seriously, we had a blast together.  L was perfect for me.  We didn’t even need gummies!  That’s unheard of for a 2 year old, ha!!  Not that it matters, but, is this baby not GORGEOUS!!  I mean, drop dead GORGEOUS?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s.  Her mama made her heirloom dress.  You have my adoration.  Icouldnever.

Leslie C - Oh. My. Goodness. That is one of the most beautiful, loving set of family photos I have ever seen. That white dress!! Those darling expressions! The light and the compositions! So incredibly perfect in every way.

Jill Morelock - beautiful family and gorgeous pictures!

Layla Hughes - Beautiful in so many ways!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thanks Layla! 🙂 It’s a great story!

Candi Jackson Clapp - Beautiful pics of a beautuiful and so deserving family!

Roxanne Alewine Walker - Your pictures telll a beautiful story!

Elizabeth Williams Wuokko - Love, Love, Love these photos!

Susan Neal Clapp - Isn’t it great when you can say they are all your favorites!

Kim Myers - Just beautiful!

Shannon - What a beautiful little girl and a beautiful family! Love the emotion, adoration, and well – LOVE – that embodies these photos. Congratulations to this new family!

April O'Hare - Oh my gosh isn’t she the cutest?! You got such great expressions otu of her:) I love the B&W shot of her smiling with her daddy!

Reena - She is just beautiful, THEY are a beautiful family! I love those last two pictures of them and that long white gown is stunning!


Baby Brewer {7 months} Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer

3 things:

1.  Simply Baby Session here!  7 months ago,  I was blessed to shoot Brewer’s newborn session.  He was so laid back and easy!  He was just as precious as I remembered him to be!   I LOVE his lips!! LOVE THEM!

2.  Right after our shoot, this little guy entered the hospital for Pneumonia.  🙁  Thankfully, he is now recovering at home and doing much better.   I hope these give mama a little “pick me up,” after such a tough week.

3.  We were so excited to get to use the Alley Ballroom for Brewer’s session.  The light in there is makes my heart hum.  I think I got some pretty adorable shots of big bro, Baylor, also.  He is a HOOT!


Leslie C - WOW! These are fantastic! The lighting is so beautiful and magical and the whole set is just so sweet and classy. I love the variety you got, too.

Diana Kirkland Metzger - Sooooo cute jessica!!!! What an awesome photographer!!!

Patricia Blackwell - Allison you are a great photographer!!! You captured my grandson Brewer beautifully!!! Thank you!!!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you so much @[1677022065:2048:Patricia Blackwell]!!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you Diana!

Ginger Pittman - Thes pictures are breath-taking. And Jessica Blackwell Cox your little boys are so handsome!

Annette Roberts - These are amazing! Love love love them all!

Patricia Blackwell - Allison you captured Baylor beautifully also!!! Thank you for the great pictures of Baylor and Brewer!!!


Loving Tripp! Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Photographer

3 things:

1. This is another family that I love!  I got to photograph them back in the Fall when little Tripp was in mama’s belly just barely showing himself.  🙂   Now he is here and everyone is in LOVE!

2.  He was the tiniest little thing at around 6lbs and he was soooo good for me!  I don’t think he cried the whole time I was there. 🙂   One thing I noticed about this little guy was his long fingers.  Ashley joked that Bryant was pumped b/c he would be able to palm a basketball, LOL!   Bryant reminds me of someone…davidhilyer.   Big sis is smitten and loves to hold and snuggle with her baby.  I love her smile…and her serious face…and her sweet face…

3.  While Ashley and I were chatting, I got to hear the story of how she and Bryant “got together.”  It’s a “friends to much more” story.  My favorite kind!  They were BFF’s in high school who always made fun of the other’s boyfriend/girlfriend.   Well, doesn’t that sound a little convenient. 😉  After college,  A wanted to set up B with a friend of hers.  She hadn’t seen B in a while and when she did,  she was all, “whoa!”  **insert “Whatta Man” by Salt ‘N’ Pepa**  The rest is history and they have two beautiful kiddos to show for it!  I love those kinds of stories.  I actually think I’ll get her to tell it to me again one day.  I am a romantic, so sue me.

Emily Charais - This family is so adorable! I cannot pick a favorite, and I am sure they will have an equally hard time! WOW!

Jennifer - Such sweet pictures!!!

Elizabeth Collins Blank - What gorgeous images, Allison! And – such a beautiful family. I love their story! 🙂

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you so much Elizabeth!!

Leanne Levenseller Thompson - what a beautiful and blessed family you have!

Karen Reynolds Tapley - Ashley, the pictures are wonderful. You are and have a beautiful family.

Melody Stiff - These are wondful Ashley. Such a precious family. Love you all.

Ashley Layson - Love the pictures Allison- you always amaze me! I will be more than happy to retell our love story anytime, but in the words of Salt n Peppa:

So here’s to the future cause we got through the past
I finally found someone who can make me laugh
You so crazy
I think I wanna have your baby!

Jean Richardson - Love those pictures!


Brittany c/o 2013!! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photographer

3 things:

1.  This session was actually scheduled to happen early Fall of last year but life got in the way!  I am so happy we were able to get together on a beautiful March day!  A beautiful WINDY March day. 😉  Wind is never a bad thing when you have a stunner on your hands!

2.  Brittany was such a chipper little thing…I ♥ chipper little things.  She totally reminded me of myself at that age.    She had a positive spirit that I’m sure you can see showcased in these photos.  I loved her hair and the little sprinkle of freckles across her nose!  FRECKLELOVERHERE!

3.  Her mom wanted to incorporate her little(but not so little) brother in some of her photos.  One of the things this fam loves to do together is fish!  So…we fished!  I love the bond that Brittany and Jonathon share.  They actually LIKE each other.  Write that down.  Can they come over to my house and teach my kids how to do that?  I pay well.  😉  Enjoy the large share, I love all these images so much!!



Shannon Currier - These are all so gorgeous. I would never be able to choose a favorite. So incredibly beautiful Allison! Wow!

Reena - oh my!! these are FANTASTIC! She is a total stunner (and little brother is handsome!) I love all of them, but my favorites are the third one down, the one of her leaning on the tree, and the one of her standing in the woods with the dress blowing (stunning!)

and can they teach my kids how to like each other also?! 🙂

Emily Charais - Oh my goodness these are so gorgeous! What a lovely girls, with a great big gob of gorgeous photos!

Gregg Baker - Allison,

This is Coach Baker. These two are my niece and nephew. You did an awesome job. Britt looks absolutely beautiful and ol Jon Jon looks so mature and handsome. They are all so good I wouldn’t know which one to say is my fav. Love it!!!! Awesome work.

Leslie - Stunning, creative, beautiful, fun, amazing. Times 1,000.

Sara - Love every one Allison! What a beautiful girl…her smile is perfect!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you Shannon!!

Brittany Urquhart - I absolutely love these so much! Allison Donahoo Hilyer.

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Great! I blogged them late last night and had not had a chance to share them yet. I’m so glad you love them, I do too!!

Brittany Urquhart - Thanks so much again!!

Stephanie - What a gorgeous girl!

Your photographs are so lovely Allison! So soft and sweet. I love the real moments you captured here!

Your work always “wows” me!

Linda Urquhart - Amazing photos, of course in my opinion the subject matter is fantastic spoken like a proud grandmama!!!!

Kristen - These are beautiful! I love the ones under the moss tree! Such pretty light! So many pretty ones it is hard to pick a favorite!

LeeAnn Cahoon - My best friend is sooo pretty! You did a great job on the pictures! (:

Mollie Donovan Burpo - these are fabulous! love the range and color.

Amanda Watters - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these…did I happen to say i love these!!!