The beautiful M family! Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

3 things:

1.  This is the best job ever.  Why?  I get to meet awesome families like this one.  I won’t hold it against them that they are Ole Miss fans.  It’s where mom and dad met. 😉  These kids were SO fun and well behaved.  Every time I would take the kiddos off for a few snaps, we would come back and catch mom and dad loving on each other.  Can I tell you that made my day!  So sweet!

2.  Mom, Ashley, shared with me that Scott(daddy/hubby) was diagnosed with Lymphoma 3 years ago and is now the picture of health!!  Her words.  Our God is great!  I didn’t realize this at their session, but Scott is an Oncologist.  I know there must be a slew of folks out there that love him. 🙂  I got a bit emotional editing these to think of how their lives have changed in 3 years.

3.  Okay, I am just going to be honest here.  These kids are gorgeous.  I am worried about them as teenagers because Scott and Ashley are going to have to bar the door!!  They both have the sweetest personalities, too.  It was a great day!!

Emily Charais - You are a phenom! This family is drop dead gorgeous…whoa baby! I absolutely love the connections, and the moss….I love the moss.

Stephanie - You, my dear, are amazing. THESE are amazing!

Jeanine - You have outdone yourself once again. Beautiful family! You can just see their love. Really love these! What treasures!

Leslie - Oh, my gosh. These are spectacular. Such artistry. And a beautiful family, to boot!

Megan - What a wonderful session! You really showcased the love and happiness of this family, and I adore the sibling interactions.

Reena - Wow, what a beautiful family! You always capture the es essence of a family so perfectly (not to mention gorgeous light and locations!)

Jennifer Johnson Woodward - Love these, Allison and LOVE this family! They are extra special!! And, you my friend have a beautiful gift!!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thanks for sending them my way, Jen!! It was so fun! 🙂

Cortney - Allison… They are all beautiful! Loved the colors! Fabulous sweet friend, as always!


Crews and his awesome mommy and daddy! Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

3 things:

1.  A&L’s maternity session is HERE…if you missed it the first time around, you NEED to check out the cuteness.   ♥♥♥  Now, it’s time to blog that baby face!!

2.  Can I just adopt this whole family?  I LOVED our time together…snuggling with baby, talking about motherhood and dadhood, sharing stories and, of course, laughing.   Seeing these guys in love with their new baby boy was such a treat for me.   They are naturals and I knew they would be!!

2.  Crews loves it when his mommy rubs his head.  You can see it in his widdle(sorry… I had to) baby eyes…so content with his mama’s touch.  Take a look at the first pic. ♥♥♥  Excuse the over-share!!


Mid doggie-yawn

What u talkin’ about Willis?


Leslie - Breathtaking, as always. Works of art, every one. So beautiful.

Reena - what a beautiful session with such a loving family. Such a joy to look at these images…jut breathtaking.

Emily Charais - You are just a master. You capture the sweetest moments, and I swear I fall in love with all of your clients, because it feels like you do such a great job introducing us to them with your work. Simply gorgeous.

Katie Muzio Agee - Fantastic as always! Lovely session!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, @[44305397:2048:Katie Muzio Agee]!

Jackie - You are so gifted at catching emotion, connections, and beautiful light, love them all!

Kim Hilliard - Lovely session!

Ellen Conway Williams - Beautiful!

Laura Morita-Yeun - Um, WOW! These are AMAZING. What a gorgeous session. LOVE your combination of lifestyle combined with more posed images. Gorgeous work!

Jennifer Ashley Hammitt - Love these! that baby is beautiful! I think he looks like mommy!

cortney - Well these are just fab!!!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you so much, @[1479907209:2048:Kim Hilliard]!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, @[150800639:2048:Jennifer Ashley Hammitt]! He does look like her!!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Aren’t they!! Thank you!!

Lila - Aw, what a cutie! Love this session! And that nursery is divine!! 🙂

Jeni - You should always overshare because your work is amazing! I love every single one of these. The yawn in mama’s arms might be my favorite. So sweet!

Jeanine - I don’t know how you get so many incredible images in each session, but you always do. This little baby is beyond adorable!

Rebecca - These are absolutely beautiful. You are truly gifted!

Shana Holloway Sanders - These are all GORGEOUS!

Stephanie - Gorgeous. Seriously. Every one of these is amazing!!

Dean Itson - Looking forward to having him in the baby class at church.


Ann Collins is a doll!! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer

3 things:

1.  Simply Baby sessions just make me happy!  AC’s mom was lucky enough to get the Alley Station Ballroom for her session.  The light was FAB!!  I will have a studio like this soon, I can’t wait!! ♥♥♥♥

2.  AC is the most photogenic baby!  At 7 months, she is the perfect age for photographing.   I really want to squeeze her precious little self while I’m blogging…is that weird?

3.  I loved her family heirloom gown and bonnet.  Is there anything cuter than a baby in a bonnet?  Nope, there isn’t.

**contact me for information on Simply Baby sessions**

Emily Charais - Precious, gorgeous, and perfection. WOW!

Claudette - Every single one just perfect. Her expressions, her outfits, lighting, processing, everything!

Jan DeFee Collier - Allison your work is fantastic. Ann Collins is a happy little girl and you captured her so wonderfully. Thank you!

Lyndsey Collier Grider - Just perfect! Thanks for capturing such gorgeous pictures of our Lovebug! 😉

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - 🙂

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Jan!! She is an angel!!

Reena - stunning session! and I want to give her a squeeze myself! she is just adorable and you captured her perfectly!


Baby Barrett is 9 months!! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Lifestyle Photographer

3 things:

1. GUUUEEESSS who’s walking???!!  9 months old, on the move and I love it!  He is so proud of himself.   Baby BB was GREAT for me, as usual.   Smiley, gushy, lovin.

2.  Baby lifestyle sessions make me so happy.  They are real….and fun…and beautiful.  Beauty is home.  When I first met with Barrett’s parents at their maternity session they were all, “we aren’t very lovey dovey, yadayadayada.”  A session with me cures that, , right Meaghan, ha!!!  They are the BEST parents! 🙂

3.  We set off for Barrett’s great grandfather’s land at the end, but, brrrrrr, it was chilly for us southern folk.   That blue cable knit hat owned me.  Have you ever???

P.S. Sophie the giraffe is the bomb.


Emily Charais - Oh how adorable! I really love the black and white photos…they are so timeless and pretty!

Reena - WOW WOW WOW!! these are fantastic!! I love all of them…he is just adorable and can’t believe he is walking! I love the two of him crawling (BW’s) adorable.

Leslie - Totally and completely darling. Such beautiful light and expressions – so YOU!

Sally Bryan Molhoek - oh how beautiful! you don’t know how much I’m salivating over all that gorgeous light you get!

Jeanine - Oh Allison, these are so beautiful!! What an adorable little guy! His smile is so great.


Sarah is one!! Montgomery, Alabama Baby and Family Photographer

3 things:

1.  It’s just sad to me when my babies are a year old. 🙁   I do consider them MY babies.  I get a bit attached and then, poof, it’s over.  🙁

2.  I have one word for this gal:  Energy.  Little Sarah had loads of it!  She might just run for a living when she gets older.  She can smoke anyone.  I was laughing the whole time, it brought back the memories.  I’ll call her Pistol Pete.  It’s so fun to capture different personalities.  Everyone is unique and that makes my job fun!

3.  I love the Kelly girl’s lips.  They are so beautiful!!  Big sis, Grace, is always my big helper.  I <3 her and her big smile that lights up her whole face!

I’m going to toot her dad’s horn again and send everyone to his website.   He is an AMAZING artist!!  If you are in the market for your child’s oil portrait, he is the one!!


Reena - I keep picking a favorite then get to the next image only to make that one my favorite! So I will just say I love love love the whole session! These are so wonderful!

Shana Holloway Sanders - These are absolutely gorgeous! <3<3<3

Emmy Kelly - I love them all! I can’t help but smile looking at each one. Thank you for all of your patience with “pistol pete!” It certainly paid off!

Joe Kelly - Beautiful baby!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Shana!!

Leslie - Gorgeous, as always!!

Shelly Foreman Mullins - Love!

Sally Bryan Molhoek - how sweet are these? You have such a knack for capturing those moments! And your processing is simply divine. So beautiful, smooth and lovely.

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, @[594421822:2048:Sally Bryan Molhoek]!!

Jeanine - Every time I chose a favorite image you top it with the next one! What a wonderful session. Wish I had images like this of my family when they were younger.