The whole McGregor clan!!

Lots of blog posts coming, so words will be short and sweet!! ūüôā

This was just a fun loving session.  Period.  We met at the family farm, which is gorgeous, by the way, and had a grand ole time!  These guys are all such nice people and very easy going.  Thanks for making my job so easy!!

Leslie - Photo sessions with you always look like SO MUCH FUN!!! These are gorgeous, as usual. Stunning light, colors, and interactions.

Reena - Beautiful Allison!! I love the colors they choose which really complement the colors of the location!! Love the kids jumping in the leaves (so fun!) and the first shot of the whole group! Such a gorgeous family!!


The Vance Family Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

3 things:

1. ¬†I don’t think I could have gone wrong with this gorgeous bunch. ¬†All that blond hair combined with creams and browns…yessir!! ¬†I LOVE how cream photographs, it is so lovely!

2. ¬†This is another one of those “nicest families ever” photo shoots. ¬†They were so easy going. ¬†Just bring along 4 kiddos, relax and have fun, I LOVE it!

3. ¬†Is there anything sweeter than sisterly love? ¬†I mean, those little ones adored their big sisters. ¬†They all had nick names for each other…made me melt!! ¬†I hope you enjoy your preview, Piper and Stewart!!

Reena - oh my! you have left me speechless with this session… is FANTASTIC! The love, the connection you captured is just outstanding.

Cortney - WOOHOOO!!!! THESE ROCK!!!! BEEEAUTIFUL WORK!!!!! WOW, that is really all I can say!!

sally - as always, totally gorgeous in every way!!!! Beautiful family.


The Thompson Family Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

3 things:

1.  Love the wardrobe and the personalities!!  Such a great fit for a portrait/lifestyle session!

2. ¬†Christy has the most gorgeous hair, I mean, really? ¬†I am so jealous!! ¬†Owen was so well behaved and good to me!!! ¬†His¬†superman shirt had me at “hello.”

3. ¬†Poor Lee had to listen to me call him “Chris” about 1,000 times. ¬†My last two dads were Chris’. ¬†He was such a good sport about it. ¬†Thank you!!! ¬† Enjoy!!

Tami - I just love the one of him hanging on the fence with the Spanish moss. What a magical location.

Cortney - Allison…. just lovely!!!! Really beautiful. I love them all!

Reena - wow!! what a fantastic session! Love all the interaction and connection you captured. My favorite though is of the little guy running toward you (2nd image). Such a beautiful family!


The Haynes Family Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

3 things:

1. ¬†I am behind on blogging, so bear with me! ¬†I’ll start with this beautiful family of 3. ¬†If I could describe this family in one word, it would be “joy.” ¬†They never stopped smiling and having fun. ¬†I LOVE families like this!!

2.  Little Sydney is so loved by mom and dad and I am giddy when that trickles down to pictures.  Finally, Montgomery decided to get in on the fall colors and they are BEEEEutiful!!

3. ¬†Dads, if you are missing out on some getting sugar from your wives, book a session with me and I promise you won’t be disappointed. ¬†Chris wasn’t! ūüėČ

Emily - A. I need Spanish moss..asap

B. You are an incredible talent. Wow!

C. What a beautiful, soulful family!

Reena - Stunning family session Allison! I love the bicycle images, what a fun time! My favorite though is the one where you are peeking over dad’s shoulder at the little girl! Gorgeous location, lighting and family!

Katie Muzio Agee - Allison these are amazing as always! Love the joy you captured with this family! These are the images you treasure…the ones where you can feel the love shared! And the yummy backlight and gorgeous fall colors don’t hurt either! ūüôā

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Katie!!

Cortney - I love all these Allison! The light and colors are gorgeous! The b/w in the moss was so touching to me! Lovely work!!!

Stacie - What a darling session with so much variety!