The Wooldridge Family! Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

3 things:

1.  I cannot stop smiling at these images.  Seriously, these kids had me in tears at times.  They are so funny!

2.  Okay, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Ellen is my new drillsergeantgrimreaper personal trainer.  I am posting these NOW so she will see them before she unleashes her 1 hour insane cardio workout on me.  No, seriously, she is a machine.  I, am not.  In fact, I’m the opposite.  I did used to be in shape.  Not compared to her, but for me, it was my happy place.  She is GREAT!  Such an ball of energy and encouragement to me.  Wow, do I need it in my life right now!

3.  We actually got to meet up twice for this session because daylight savings time stinks!!  I ADORE the bond these kiddos have with one another.  The  boys playing football, yeah-huh!!  The girls all snuggly.  Yep.  Love them!

P.S.  I am just going to keep reminding everyone that I am booked until Jan.  The new year is already starting to book up, so call me/email me if you are interested in a 2013 session.  I hate having to turn people away!

sally - geez o petes, Allison, do you EVER have a non-perfect session????? I’m so in love with your posing. LOVE the one with the kids on the ground facing eachother, and the one of them holding hands in the woods. Amazing!!

Reena - Allison, these are FANTASTIC!! You have the best family session with the most BEAUTIFUL families! I love love love all of the connections you captured with this family. Just beautiful.

Emily - FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Allison…you are a dream…and your clients are so adorable! Beautiful all of the way around!

Jeanine - Wow! What a beautiful and fun family. And these images are seriously beyond amazing!

Leslie Crane - Allison, my friend, I think I’m running out of superlatives for your work. These are absolutely amazing. The way you engage families, while still finding perfect light, composition and color is… well, it’s SUPERLATIVE!!!!

Anna Root Wamsted - Love! Love these images of this precious family! Gorgeous!

Cortney - THESE ARE GREAT!!! I think my absolute fav is the b/w with them laying down! Mom’s smile is priceless! Beautiful work Allison, as always!

Jenny Maddox - Very cute!

Charlene Southard Brannan - Totally beautiful family!

Lindsay Faber - Oh Allison these are stunning. Amazing job and such fabulous variety!

Nancy Hood - Beautiful work, Allison. But then you’re a natural with a camera.

Stephanie - Sheesh! These are gorgeous Allison. I would love to just follow you around with my camera and watch you create the magic!

Emily Killom Blain - Oh my goodness these are so darling! Love the one ya’ll are liked up on the log together~ <3.

Emily Killom Blain - Lined

Tami - Oh Come ON!! Are they for real? You have the most gorgeous clients ever.


The Ealum Family! Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

3 things:

1.  I was so pumped when Jana asked me to come to Georgiana(south of Greenville) to photograph their family.  I love to shoot in people’s homes, especially when it’s as beeeeeyoutiful as theirs. 🙂

2.  This was another family with personality.  Those kids had me cracking up!   We took a tour of the farm and stopped along the way for pics.   The sun finally decided to peep out at the very end of our session.

3.  Jana also wanted 2 year old pictures of Ella in an heirloom dress her grandmother made.  SO sweet and I DROOL over that beautiful dress!  I hope you enjoy the preview!!

Reena - Swoon!! What a beautiful family and location! I love all of the connection you captured of this gorgeous family! and oh my, the little girl and the dress is just precious!

Cortney - TERRRIFIC WORK!!! I LOVE THE LITTLE GIRL!!!! You outdid yourself again…

Leslie C. - WOW. Just… WOW. You amaze me. Yet another beautiful, wonderful family session. I could look at these all day. The location, poses, everything – perfection!

AveryLanePhotography - Love,love,love these !! The kids seem so full of energy and the family ones are beautiful!!

sally - Beautiful stuff as always!! Love the one on the top terrace of their house! And those adorable kids and all that family lovin.’ So great.

Shannon Currier - Love, love , love these !!! The kids seem so full of energy and all the family ones are beautiful.

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Shannon!

Morgan Noelle Wynn - LOVE them! The one of them on the second story balcony, what a treasure that will be fore the kids to look back on! So awesome!

Stephanie - Holy gorgeousness! These images are so lovely Allison! And the location is to die for!!


Fall Mini Sessions… Montgomery, Alabama Portrait Photographer

3 things:

1.  Fall is definitely in the air so bring on the mini sessions!  I will be posting more, later, but here’s a start!

2.  I am leaving off a few goodies that mom and dad wish to keep a secret until Christmas Cards go out.  🙂

3.  I love all these folks!  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to photograph your families each year!

One last thing:  I am completely booked for the remainder of 2012, I am booking for 2013!

Reena - Allison, my goodness! You photograph the most beautiful families! I love all of the emotion and connections you capture. I bet they are all in love with these images, I know I am!

Cortney - Woah! Great work love all of them! I feel like every time I see a post it’s another new family! You must be spreading like wildfire down there!!! 🙂

Tami - Simply amazing work. I always like to try to pick out my favorite, and I thought I had it until I continued scrolling. Then I picked out another favorite and then another and another. Phenomenal work!!


The Farrickers Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

3 things:

1.  I fell in love with the love this family has for one another.  Seriously, they had the connection thing goin’ on.   Tons of personality in those kids.  Tons!!  I know where they get it from!!   Happy people—–>happy me!!

2.  Gorgeous hair on everyone…sheesh, I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous.  My fro couldn’t look even close to Alice’s on it’s best day!

3.  This was an ugly sky day.  The sun did not even peep an inch while we were shooting.   We did find some pretty leaves and gorgeous spots and they were up for anything…my kind of folks!  I hope you enjoy the preview!!

Reena - Allison, out of all the session I’ve seen of yours, I think that this one is the tops! Each and ever image is better then the one before! I love the haybale one especially. Gosh, they are ALL my favorites. Beautiful family and great location!

Tami - You never fail to disappoint. Great job!

Cara Sue Sater - ONE WORD. AWESOME!

Karen Pruitt - So beautiful!

Anna Grace Murphy - I love the pictures!, <3.

Anna Katherine Palmer - Mckenzie Farricker you look amazinggg! Love you girl! <3

sally - you always have the most creative posing ideas! LOVE the framing behind the fence and that one on the hay bales. awesome, you rock dude.

Cortney - Great Pics Allison! They look so happy and their connections are so sweet!

Leah Keith Davenport - OMG! Those are awesome!

Jennifer Roberts Williamson - Oh my goodness! These are precious! You can feel the love that they have for one another when looking at all of these! I couldn’t pick a bad one.

Rebecca Wagner Bright - only cool, sweet, loving people can look so good in photos! Love them all!

Karen VanderHey - Wow! These are the most amazing pictures. So much love for one another is shown in all the pictures!

Heidi Ewell Murphy - Sweet Riley is in my SS class. What great pics <3

Holly Sadler Moore - These are AWESOME!


Jessica c/o 2013! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photographer

3 things:

1.  Well, well, well…what do we have here?  Another gorgeous Senior!  I LOVE photographing seniors, LOVE it!   I’m sure her mama has a hard time swatting all the boys away because this gal is a stunner!  Her mom and adorable cousin came along and were great company AND reflector holders!!

2.  It was downright cold and windy…fierce windy!   It worked in our favor for some shots. 🙂  Jessica never once complained!   I was all cozy in my two layers while she was sleeveless half the time!

3.  Jessica attends Tallassee and plans to go to Auburn(Roll Tide.)  All of these pictures were taken in Tallassee!   I am having a very hard time choosing a favorite here…please let me know yours! 🙂

Leslie - Beautiful, beautiful session! Such variety and beautiful light and color. Her eyes are incredible!

Cortney - ALLISON!!!!! THESE ARE FREAKIN’ AMAZING!!!! I love the light, the colors, her eyes!!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL… GREAT JOB!!!

Emily - Wow! What a stunning senior. If only photographer like you had been around when I was a younging!

Reena - Allison, these are all GORGEOUS!! oh my! I can’t EVEN begin to choose a favorite. I love the locations, the clothing; She is stunning! I bet they are overjoyed with the images! Her eyes are incredibly…ok, that is my favorite…the closeup of her.

Stephanie - These are phenomenal! Simply stunning!

I love that last shot. So real and fun!

Tami - Just gorgeous! My favorite is the last of the blue coat group. 🙂

Morgan Noelle Wynn - I love the color shot of her laying down and of course I love the last shot 😉 great job!

Erin Cassidy - Beautiful pics!!

Kristy - Gorgeous pics! Love the ones by the lake!

Melanie Cascia - I love the way this session feels so smooth and natural. Beautiful photographs!
Stay warm”

Jackie - She is stunning! Fabulous work as usual!

Kathy Jo Bradley - Beautiful portraits! Love the outfits and lighting!

Sonja Hammad Photography - You do such a great job of framing her beautifully. And, of course, she is stunning. Beautiful images!

Pam Armstrong Greer - She is gorgeous and your photos are stunning!

Ashley Durham - Beautiful job! LOVE the editing! <3