Jessica c/o 2013! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photographer

3 things:

1.  Well, well, well…what do we have here?  Another gorgeous Senior!  I LOVE photographing seniors, LOVE it!   I’m sure her mama has a hard time swatting all the boys away because this gal is a stunner!  Her mom and adorable cousin came along and were great company AND reflector holders!!

2.  It was downright cold and windy…fierce windy!   It worked in our favor for some shots. 🙂  Jessica never once complained!   I was all cozy in my two layers while she was sleeveless half the time!

3.  Jessica attends Tallassee and plans to go to Auburn(Roll Tide.)  All of these pictures were taken in Tallassee!   I am having a very hard time choosing a favorite here…please let me know yours! 🙂

Leslie - Beautiful, beautiful session! Such variety and beautiful light and color. Her eyes are incredible!

Cortney - ALLISON!!!!! THESE ARE FREAKIN’ AMAZING!!!! I love the light, the colors, her eyes!!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL… GREAT JOB!!!

Emily - Wow! What a stunning senior. If only photographer like you had been around when I was a younging!

Reena - Allison, these are all GORGEOUS!! oh my! I can’t EVEN begin to choose a favorite. I love the locations, the clothing; She is stunning! I bet they are overjoyed with the images! Her eyes are incredibly…ok, that is my favorite…the closeup of her.

Stephanie - These are phenomenal! Simply stunning!

I love that last shot. So real and fun!

Tami - Just gorgeous! My favorite is the last of the blue coat group. 🙂

Morgan Noelle Wynn - I love the color shot of her laying down and of course I love the last shot 😉 great job!

Erin Cassidy - Beautiful pics!!

Kristy - Gorgeous pics! Love the ones by the lake!

Melanie Cascia - I love the way this session feels so smooth and natural. Beautiful photographs!
Stay warm”

Jackie - She is stunning! Fabulous work as usual!

Kathy Jo Bradley - Beautiful portraits! Love the outfits and lighting!

Sonja Hammad Photography - You do such a great job of framing her beautifully. And, of course, she is stunning. Beautiful images!

Pam Armstrong Greer - She is gorgeous and your photos are stunning!

Ashley Durham - Beautiful job! LOVE the editing! <3



Carson & Watson! Montgomery, Alabama Child Photographer

3 things:

1.  Heeeeellllooooo best backyard ever!   When Amye came to me wanting Fall pics, I knew just the spot.  We had recently visited their home for Carson’s 7th birthday party.   I saw her backyard and I was all, “come to mama!”  These have inspired to me to offer back yard sessions.  How personal, how fun and comforting for the kids…did I say, “how fun?”

2.  These are two of the sweetest kids.  I would adopt them, but I think their mama and daddy might come after me. 😉

3.  You know I love it when doggies make appearances in my photos.  Yep, I do, and theirs just romped around with us in the yard the whole time!   Enjoy!!

P.S.  Holla if you ever “spidered” on a swing as a kid!


Amye - I am so in love with these photos, Allison! A thousand thanks!!


Reena - first off: what adorable kids! oh my! and secondly: that is their backyard?! awesome. What a great session Allison. I love the variety and expressions you captured.

Samantha Bitton - What an awesome backyard! Super cute and fun!!

Tami - These are lovely. Every single one of them.

Sally Bryan Molhoek - totally awesome as always! love that red bow.

Kathryn Hightower Hartman - Amye what photogenic kids. Love your backyard.


The Layson Family! Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

3 things:

1.  This was such a cute family!  Layson baby number two is on the way and I know that CG will be a great big sister!

2.  They came ready with a few family heirlooms and we put them to good use.  I loved CG’s boots.  She did too, which was, of course, adorable!  🙂

2.   If you haven’t heard a certain 2 year old say, “nandy,” when she wants candy, you are missing out!  …So stinkin’ cute, every time!!   To me, little CG looks like a baby doll.  She just has those angelic features.  I hope you enjoy the preview!!

mandy haber - Allison – this is such a gorgeous session.

Stephanie - Oh my these are wonderful Allison! You capture emotion so perfectly!

And this family is gorg. I love LO’s outfit!!

Mandy Stephens Haber - these are beautiful!

Morgan Noelle Wynn - The second to last is my favorite! Great connections! LOVELY!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - thanks Morgan!! 🙂

Cortney - You nailed it! Great job!!! I love that book too!!! Family connection was perfect.

Amy Knight Waters - LOVE them all! Great job Allison. Can’t wait for our shoot in the Spring!

Reena - These are all fantastic Allison! She is just precious and you really captured that impish 2 year old personality. I love her out and boots too! I love the family shot with the wagon!

Lisa McCarley Harrelson - These are ALL adorable! How you can catch the love shared in each frame is amazing.

LaDeana Cook Richardson - I Love all of these! Carly Grace is adorable and has such a cute personality. The photographer is awesome…

Tami - The camera just loooooved that little girl’s eyes! Lovely work, Allison!

Karen Reynolds Tapley - These are great. Can’t wait for the pictures with Trip!


Maddie Reese! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer

3 things:

1.  Oh, to have a sweet 2 month old again.  I’d go back there in a heart beat!  They are just getting bright eyed but they are still tiny and snuggly…and they smell good…and they give you little smiles…

2.  I love this job!   Because of it, I connected with an old friend.  She drove down from Birmingham to have MR’s pictures taken!  We met at her sweet parent’s home and just had the best time catching up and playing with this real life baby doll. 🙂  Let’s just say photography is my specialty, not parking. 😉

3.  How awesome is that wicker stroller?  Loved it!

Cortney - Those are some GORGEOUS CLOSEUPS of that baby!!!! Wow! I love the softness. Really sweet!

Reena - She is so sweet! I love all the images you captured of her but my favorite by far is the one with the hat and little smile. Makes my heart melt 🙂

Lynne Blackwell Taunton - Maddie Reese is so special to us and your photos just made me feel even more blessed! Thank you, Allison, for doing such an incredible job with our little angel!

Pearl Kirk Herring - I love them! These pictures are just beautiful! She is so adorable and sweet! Thank you Lulu for sharing them!


Laura - Beautiful!!!

Andy-Karen Kroeger - O Janice the baby is absolutely adorable.

Sharon Rodgers Allen - These are beautiful….

Meredith Taunton Adams - Allison, it was so much fun catching up with you sweat and all. 🙂 As always, you crack me up! I am so happy with the pictures! Thank you!

Laurie Edney Kirkland - Meredith, what a darling baby!

LaDeana Cook Richardson - Maddie Reese is absolutely beautiful and the photographer did an awesome job! Check out the Layson Family pictures- that is my cousin Bryant his wife Ashley and their adorable little girl Carly Grace… with a baby brother on the way.

Marsha Amidon Gardner - Beautiful pictures…

Marsha Amidon Gardner - Beautiful pictures…

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - I am so glad, Meredith!!! I loved spending time with y’all and getting to see that sweet baby!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - I am so glad, Meredith!!! I loved spending time with y’all and getting to see that sweet baby!

Cathy Manley Stevens - Beautiful photos! You have a little Angel!!!

Cathy Manley Stevens - Beautiful photos! You have a little Angel!!!

Amy Garrett - Oh wow! Mer, she is just beautiful!

Keysha Thomaston - Beautiful!!!!

Tami - Oh, I love, love, love, love, love # 7! I want to have a baby, like tonight, so you can photograph it!

Carolyn Nelson - wonderful pictures of a beautiful baby girl!

Carolyn Nelson - wonderful pictures of a beautiful baby girl!


Josh c/o 2013! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photographer

3 things:

1.  It was just grueling having to edit Josh’s Senior pictures. 😉   I mean, is he easy on the eyes or is it just me?   What’s up with all the model lookin’ folks I’ve been photographing lately?

2.  Guess what, Faulkner gals?  He’s heading your way next year until he leaves to go to Nursing School.  Don’t everyone trample him at once. 😉   Not only is he a cutie, he’s a GREAT guy.  I’ve known Josh and his family for a long time.  They are wonderful people!   We were able to squeeze in a few family shots before his pics started, I love it when that happens!

3.  I decided on downtown Montgomery for our venue.  Literally, we just walked around for an hour and a half and found some cool spots to shoot.   He is such a natural in front of the camera.    ENJOY! 😉

Sara - Speechless. I mean…really…Allison, you have outdone yourself! These are amazing! I can’t even pick a favorite because I love them all!

Anne Kerr - Beautiful work. this guy should skip college and go straight to Hollywood.

Emily Charais - I am gagging these are all so gorgeous…wow. What a handsome young man!

Jill Johnson Wyrosdick - Sign him up for a modeling contract. Too cute!

Reena - oh my! what a handsome young man! He could be a model! I love all of the different locations, such a great variety. And oh my, I love his blue eyes! Great family it!

Michelle Manasco Clifton - Great job Allison! Josh’s pictures are amazing:)

Nita Moore - Awesome!! He is a cutie!!! Great job,Allison!!!

Leslie C - Holy cow! These are fantastic! You are completely amazing. Perfect clarity, composition, color and creativity. This guy’s mom must be ecstatic!

Cortney - Ummm… those are da BOMB!!!!! ABERCROMBIE, hello? WOW! That is about all I can say. The close ups are incredible!!!

Lynne Blackwell Taunton - My suggestion is to FORGET NURSING SCHOOL and head to New York! What a doll!

MaryFrank Crew - So sorry did not mention that precious baby when I saw you. I had just looked at her beautiful pictures. What a doll she is!!!!!

MaryFrank Crew - Thanks for stopping by!

Lynne Blackwell Taunton - Thanks, MaryFrank! It was so good to see you back where you belong! You take care!

Tami - Yeah, ummm… They didn’t make em like that when I was in high school!