Pierce is 4 months!! Montgomery, Alabama Lifestyle Baby Photographer

3 things:

1.  This baby was so photogenic, wow!!  His eyes and smile just drew me in from the get-go!!   He gets it honestly from his smiley parents.  Pierce has changed so much since I took his newborn photos.   His mommy and daddy have a new home and I had a ball shooting his session there.

2.  One thing I love about this family is their ability to be themselves and show the camera some “realness.”   You can just SEE the love and joy on their faces.

3.  I love dogs.   Ba-bam.

Reena - Allison, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this session! it is marvelous. The parents are stunning and he is just adorable! I keep picking a favorite then finding yet another one. I love that that laughing one in BW as well as the one of him playing with his feet!

Leslie - I just LOVE your lifestyle work. But the whole session is fantastic!! And his smile could light up a stadium!

Sally - These are crazy awesome as always and those eyes!!! Gah!

Tami - Allison, your work makes my heart smile every single time I see it. Just gorgeous. Always.

JasonandLara Graham - Love his eyes!!

Ian Slaughter - Great photos! Hollywood Lewis!

Stephanie - These are so fabulous, I can hardly stand it! You, my dear, are one phenomenl photographer!!

Kay Sasser Jacoby - Gosh that was some fun viewing. ALL of them… just wunnerful!

Sarah Lakeman - Obsessed with these photos! Y’all are adorable!

KC Hinz Williams - Truly Amazing Photos…What a captivating and good looking family! I love that Moxley and Pierce are together… I love the realness of the picts too– GREAT!

Leisl Johnson - It’s cause you sat on that fertility rock isn’t it?

Tara Cady - Such happy times are hard to beat, especially with a charmer like baby Pierce. Adorable!

Sarah Lakeman - I think that the fertility rock just amplified my obsession!

Cortney - I love the colors in your outdoor work. These are beautiful as always and I love your use of the wide angle inside. Awesome lifestyle work!

Anna Bacon - Pierce is too cute for words!


The Poagues! Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

3 things:

1. Funniest, most quick witted kid ever.  He was hilarious and, oh my, photogenic!  Red is his color, eh?!!  It was so great meeting you guys, Brooke!

2. We found a patch of beautiful light and I just snapped away.  This family was very natural in front of the camera.

3.  Read below for a caption of the first 5 pictures:

 Hi, I’m Grant.  I have the most adorable face.  My photographer wants to squeeze my cheeks, but that a’int happ-en-in’.

  Look at them checking out my cuteness.   They love me.

They are still smiling at me.   Hmmmm, I wonder what would happen if I just put my hands on their heads and…

CRASH their faces together for a kiss.   Score!

I’m going to make a funny face now because that was kind of embarrassing.   Show’s over! 😉

Tami - They’re all so lovely. I really adore the one of him on dad’s shoulders with his hand up.

Reena - What a beautiful family! I love the location you all chose! Perfect family images! My favorite of Grant is the black/white image with him holding a stick!

Sara - Love him! I think your first image is just amazing. His little pose is just perfection!

Alexis - Oh my gosh these are precious! I adore all of the family shots with all of their fun interactions:) Awesome work!

Cortney - Not sure if I commented on these are not, but they are beautiful. You captured his personality so well, love them!


The Tiptons! Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

3 things:

1.   This is my second year photographing this gorgeous family.   They are easy and sweet, it is just a joy to be around them!   This year, we did a mini session.

2.  The girls are so animated and funny!   They tell me stories and keep ME entertained!  I though it was supposed to be the other way around! 🙂  They aren’t as old as they look, so boys…stay away for a while!!

3.  Erin does such a perfect job choosing their wardrobe.  No doubt they are among the best dressed in Montgomery!  Thank you, Tipton crew, for letting me photograph your family again this year! 🙂



Cortney - I love the last two family images! The one with the yellow flowers is my fav!!! Great job on these!

Sara - What beautiful girls! I love the family images…your posing is fabulous!

Becky - Another gorgeous session! I wanna be you when I grow up! 🙂 really beautiful family and images.

Tami Weis - What a beautiful family, and it’s easy to see why they came back to you. Your work is amazing.


Marley c/o 2013!!! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photographer

3 things:

1. Meet ACA Senior, Marley.  🙂  My camera was totally crushing on her and honestly, I don’t think she could take a bad picture.   I love how she goes from bombshell to girl next door.    Someone commented on Facebook that she looks a lot like the actress Kristen Bell and I totally agree!!  She was just delightful to be around.   🙂

2.  She is trying to decide between Auburn and Alabama, what a tough choice!  I am “roll tide” all the way, but Auburn is just so close to home!!   Whatever she decides, she’ll make a ton of new pals and love it.  🙂

3.  It was fun adding some sister shots to the senior mix!    Thank you so much, Marley, you are going to go places, girl!!


Reen - Oh my! she is stunning! She really rocked this session (and those heels) I love the ones with her equally beautiful sister. Great job Marley and Allison…these images are fantastic!

Alea Bostic - s t u n n I n g.

JasonandLara Graham - oh my! Beautiful!

Rachel Johnson Bell - Love them

Layla Hughes - She is SO a Bama girl… 🙂 Gorgeous!

Tami - Such a lovely set of senior pictures. I can’t pick a favorite.

Cortney - OMG!!! HOW DID I MISS THIS????? I love them! LOVEEEE THEM! You did such a beautiful job with her. Wow, seriously… did I say I love them????


Will and Thomas…my friends!! Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

3 things:

1.  If I could describe the Aaron’s with three words, I would choose: personality, personality and personality!  My kind of folks!!

2.  These boys are amazing kids and athletes.  We had the best time together despite it being very hot!   Will is on Copeland’s baseball team and I LOVE watching him play.   Baseball friends are friends for life!!

3.  We sneaked in a few family shots for a Christmas card pic.  The chosen pic is not shown here, it’s top secret…and it’s beeeeautiful!! 😉

Jackie - These are great! If I was closer, I would totally have you do our family pictures!

Cortney Smith Photography - I love the emotion in these! Those kids are super cute and what a beautiful family!

Gina Mozzone Altieri - Oh my goodness! Beautiful photos!

Brandy Kirk Tipps - Oh my goodness! If I was that Momma, I’d have that one of the boys hugging her in a gallery wrap around my whole house! How perfect!

Sally Bryan Molhoek - Wow, what handsome boys and spectacular pictures!

Reena - oh my gosh! what a beautiful session with such a beautiful family! I love that last image of the family seated.

Cortney Locke Smith - @[1357475700:2048:Brandy Kirk Tipps] what a sweet compliment! Allison is a dear friend. You should go see her sometime!!! She would be worth the drive!!!