Granger is 1! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer

3 things:

1. I cannot believe it’s been a year since I photographed G as a newborn.  Stop the madness, now!  I have really enjoyed getting to know this family over the past year…

2.  Age 1 little people are explorers.  That’s what they do.  They drag along their sock monkey and hit the ground running… Until you stick them in a chair…and then they look at you like, “iwannamovelady.”  And then I’m all, “okay buddy, let’s move.”

3.  Top 2 favorite things about a 1 year old.  1. fingers/hands 2. toes/feet.  That is where the personality oozes… Try me, check out his f/h, t/f in each shot.  They are doing something crazy-cute each time.   Yep.  😉

Leslie C - These are darling! You always capture the most sweet and loving moments with families, Allison – what a gift you have. Such artistry. And your posts are always a delight to read!

Ashley Hammock - LOVE! Thanks Allison Donahoo Hilyer!

Marie Reuter - These a great! Your family is adorable. 🙂

Patti Taylor - Your family is so amazing Ashley. Cant wait to meet your whole family and Granger is so photogenic unbelievable. Keep sending pica your the best love you.

Reena - He is just way too cute!! Such a beautiful family. I love the last set (especially the closeup) of him on the chair. These are just perfect Allison, I love your work!

Eva Mae Fuller Brunson - love it love it

Kristy Griffith Scroggins - Those are so cute!!!

Barbara Kay Edwards - BEAUTIFUL!

Susan Dunaway Lammon Flowers - Love this little angel so much, oh and I love the parents that come with Hom!!! Aunt Sue Sue

Ann B Parker - Great pictures love them all and you too.

John Benefield - I love these pic’s of all of you.

Linda Benefield Thomas - Me too.

Penni E. Parker - Love them! Great pictures of a sweet family!

sally - Oh, I just love all of these! What a cutie patootie, he’s cute enough to eat. Beautiful work, as always!

Margaret Emily Berkstresser Krawczynski - I looooooooooooooved them all!!!!

Cortney - Allison these are beautiful!!! I love the b/w, they are so amazing!!! Great job!

Patti Taylor - Whoever you have doing these pictures of you and the family Ashley is just amazing love youashley

kristin - ooo…mmm…ggg… he is ADORABLE!!!! LOVEEEEE that shot on the chair focused on his little toes…and i LOVE his sock monkey!!! SOO cute!!!


The Kohrings Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

5 things:

1.  2 months ago, this fam adopted baby Grace and fell instantly in love.

2.  I may have picked the hottest, most humid day of the year to do their session.  Way to go me!   I’m really glad you can’t see what I looked like after.  Keep it to yourself, Kohrings, and nobody will get hurt! 😉

3.  I had a bit of nostalgia that day b/c Wes and Cristal’s boys were about the same age as mine when we had  A dub.

4.  Cristal falls into the “one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life” categories.   She is such a sweet, patient momma.  Wes is the Youth Minister of the Landmark COC youth group.  Some of my favorite kids in the world are in that group.   They are lucky to have him!

5.  I love adoption.  Prayers go up and blessings come down.

Leslie Crane - Oh, Allison, what a beautiful, loving family! You always bring out the best and most beautiful things in people when you photograph them. Gorgeous session.

reena - Every single one of these images are fantastic, I can’t even pick a favorite! Grace is just beautiful and congratulations to the family. They are a beautiful family! I do love love love the one of them at the fence!!

Emily - Hoky man…I would be spun into a tizzy if these were my family photographs!

Jeanine - These images are exquisite! I just love them! Such great love and connection all wrapped up in gorgeous images.

Rebecca M - This are amazing!! You can just feel the love they have for one another by just looking. What a great session!!!

Jen - This family is amazing! And you are incredibly talented!

Camille Cross - I am “literally” in love with these pictures! Love this family so much!!!!!!!!!

Heather Pulse - these are beautiful! great job allison and congrats to the family…miss grace is gorgeous!

Ashley Hale Rives - aww these are so precious! love them. you captured them beautifully!

Marsha Read Kohring - Great pictures, Allison did a good job.

Lara Allen - IN LOVE!

Karen Armstrong Lewis - I cried with joy seeig their joy! Your three grandbabies are BEAUTIFUL!

Betty Smith Townsend - Marsha – these pictures are so precious! What a beautiful family.

Nelda Sparkman - Wonderful photos! What a great, loving family the photographer was able to capture.

Christine Donahoo Adcock - THese pictures are STUNNING. That sweet baby girl is just so so beautiful. WOW! One of your best sessions yet.

Jennifer Armstrong Howell - Wow! Awesome pictures and what a gorgeous baby!

sally - These are such AWESOME photos!!! She is a beautiful baby and that is one blessed family, something you can clearly tell from looking at the family pictures.

JasonandLara Graham - These are great! Beautiful family !!!

Jeni - What an AMAZING session. All of these shots are just so perect. I love the wide angle on the first shot, that one of the baby stretching in black and white just melts my heart. The boys on the swing…perfect! Love them all!

Keith Rogers - Breathtaking. What a wonderful thing it is to behold a family in passionate pursuit of the Lord and His will for their life together. Hurts my heart to know you’re all so far away… just want to step into those pictures with you guys Mary Poppins style and live it up together. Miss you all so much.

Martha Rogers - LOVE, LOVE you all! The pictures are just stunning! They capture your sweet family and they make me miss you all the more! Love to you all, my friends, and hats off the Allison who does lovely work with lovely people!

Marsha Read Kohring - Cristal and Wesley are pleased with the pics. I enjoyed them as well, not your traditional family pics.


Berklee {7 weeks} Montgomery, Alabama Lifestyle Baby Photographer

5 things:

1.  This dark haired beauty was 7 weeks.  She was about 6 weeks older than my “norm” for newborns, and she did GREAT!  I love how her cheeks are filled out…and that HAIR!!  Have you evah?

2.  Isaac decided to unleash rain and DARK skies on us the day of this session.   Being the competitive person that I am, I decided to win.

3.  There was an orange chair in the master that called my name…those are definitely some of my favorites!  This crew is just too photogenic, it’s not fair! 😉

4.  4 year old big bro was PERFECT, I’m tellin ya… he was all about that little baby of his.

5.  …and last, but definitely not least, is my new friend Chicco…a tiny chiwawa that I might kidnap from Heather.   Although he made an appearance in many outtakes, see if you can find him in one shot below.

Corrie Lindroos - Awwww, those cheeks!!! You captured some really gorgeous moments. I love the one with the little boy peeking out from behind the curtain!

April O'Hare - Holy Moly these are amazing! Her big brother did so well in every single one of these. I love so many I can’t even choose favorites:) I really love how adorable big brother and baby sis look lying on the bed though. You seriously did such a fantastic job with these. Way to go!

Reena - Wow! these are fantastic! oh my! such a gorgeous FAMILY. Baby is just precious as well as older ‘bro’. Beautiful session.

sally - WOW! I just love all the colors and tones in these! And the moments are precious and beautiful. I love the fourth and fifth the best! Beautiful!!

Sara - Beautiful work Allison! I love the orange chair…and of course the dog…how cute is that?

Megan - These are so lovely. That one of the baby lying on her big brother is just perfection – she is even giving a small smile! I adore it!

Stephanie - Wowza! These are AMAZING!! I am such a huge fan!!

julie kraai - These blow me away. They are incredible – every last one of them. Beautiful family, and beautiful work.

Becky - These are just as precious as can be. I love them all and the sibling shots just melt my heart! The one with Chicco made me smile! LOVE!

Leslie Crane - Absolutely beautiful work as always! So soft and beautiful, with perfect color and clarity. I love the variety you go here, too. You are so incredibly talented!

Rhonda - love these .. such gorgeous work and it is so my kind of newborn session!!! cannot pick a favorite .. i’m sure mom will have a hard time too!

Jeanine Offer Krupp - WOW! Going through that kept repeating for me! Each image is so wonderful! These are amazing treasures. I love the eye contact from the baby and the sweet interactions from all. What a beautiful family.

Lynn - Wow! Just fabulous. I adore the one of the two children together when she’s sleeping on his chest. Lovely work.

Heather Grimes - Allison you are awesome. I know I’m a little biased cause they are my kids and all but you did some amazing work. Thanks for all the sweet comments and it great working with you. U are too sweet!

Heather Grimes - Oh and I am so glad we got the shot with her laying on him. Its my favorite!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Me too, I love that one!!!!

Kacy Hall - Where’s Lee? LOL

Betsy Rayborn Garrard - These are amazing!! All 3 of you are gorgeous 🙂

Cortney Locke Smith - Love them all! Gorgeous little baby, amazing photography! HAPPY MAMA!

Rhonda Powell - Beautiful Allison…..they are very good!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you so much, @[539819844:2048:Jeanine Offer Krupp]!!

Jackie - wonderful as always! Great variety, Beautiful family! I adore those sleeping shots too

Kori - These are gorgeous! That 4th down is stunning!

Karen Wheeler-Martin - Heather, these pics are awesome! You and Lee have two beautiful lil ones!

Stephanie Mballo - Oh wow oh wow oh wow, are these gorgeous. Love each and every one, but especially adore the one of mamma in front of the window. Amazingly beautiful work.

Krissy Allori - The shots with the two kids together are priceless. Gorgeous work!

Kara Wahlgren - Gorgeous set of images. What a beautiful family! I always love looking at your newborn work!

Lindsay Faber - Wow. Allison these are so very beautiful. I love love #3 and the black and whites in the chair in front of the window…the one with the dog peeking out? So good. So so good. Sigh.

Red Stone Photography - These are incredible…you are the queen of newborn lifestyle! LOVE!

Jeni - These are simply perfect. Every single one of them! Gosh you’re good! If I HAD to pick a favorite (I really love them ALL) it would be the one of her laying on her big brother’s chest on the bed. Melt!


Barrett is 4 months! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Lifestyle Photographer

5 6 things

1.  Okay, people…check out the eyebrows…AND the eyelashes!  I can’t take it,  this baby melts me with those eyes.

2.  He likes to fall asleep during his sessions…works for me!  We get sweet sleep shots!

3.  This is the age where they like to eat their hand off.  Totally cute.

4.  Meaghan is super mom finishing her Nurse Practitioner degree with this little munchkin at home…she is  so in love with him.

5.  I can’t wait to see this little booger again in a few months!! 🙂

6.  Is there anything cuter than a baby in a hat?  Didn’t think so.

Jaidean - He is so adorable! Love all of these…what a sweetie!

Rhonda - oh my .. what a beautiful little boy! love the close up lashes shot and the one w/mom and the flying shot too .. what a great session!

April O'Hare - Alison, these are beautiful! That adorable lil guy has the most beautiful eyes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shot of him being held in the air in front of the brick wall. So cute!

Sally - wowwowwow!! LOVE the color and clarity!! They are all so adorable, but I especially love the one of him “standing” with that brown hat. Amazing.

Andrea - What a handsome baby boy! This is gorgeous work!

April - I adore your work! These are beautiful portraits of a handsome little man. I love the one with him up in the air the most but they are all beautiful!

Megan - oh, he is just adorable! You did a great job capturing the variety of sweet expressions and details.

JasonandLara Graham - Love Love! He is so handsome!

kristen - Wow! What a gorgeous session! I love how much variety you got! Your black and whites are stunning! My favorite is on the cream fur! So sweet!

Lisa Watkins - Barrett is my supervisor’s grandson–didn’t know that you were their photographer of choice! 🙂 He is adorable.

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Really? So neat! He is a doll!

Mandy - Oh, wow! These are all SO great! What an adorable baby, and you captured him so perfectly.

Tami Weis - Allison, your work never ceases to amaze me. I love, love, love #8.

Jeni - Oh my goodness. What a precious little guy! I love these so much! You captured him so perfectly.

Becky - Allison these are simply gorgeous!! I love the variety and the clarity of these. The second one is adorble – love the colors!

Lindsay Faber - Ummm…you weren’t kidding. Those eyebrows and eyes are to die for. So all of these are ridiculously amazing. My favourites are #8 and #15. Love them more than words can say. Wonderful

Jackie - These are perfection!! Wonderful variety!


Sarah, my buddy! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Lifestyle Photographer

6 things:

1.  This angel face is my buddy.  I get to see her at church and she always gives me a bashful smile while she buries her face in mom’s neck.  I love her…and her rosy cheeked big sis.

2.   Stairs+a baby=deeeeeeeelight!

3.  I could just cry thinking about her mom, Emmy, sharing with me about the love she feels for Sarah.   So, I went a searchin’ for some inspirational songs about a mother’s love to post for Emmy.    Google gave me some great results… Snoop Dog, Spice Girls, 2Pac, Willie Nelson…moving on now…

4.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…if you are in the market for an oil portrait, check out Sarah’s daddy, Joel.  He rocks the house down.  Period.  So much talent!

5.  Bonnets complete me.

6.  Huge thighs are totally in.   I love me a chub-o baby.

Emily - Oh man…bonnets, blue eyes, and gorgeous photography! Awesome!

Cortney Locke Smith - Allison Donahoo Hilyer really great work. Love the use of light. Sweet as pie and that little girl has some beautiful eyes!

Hobbie Dees - gorgeous