Forever Young is my gal… Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

7 things:

1.  May the good Lord be with you
Down every road you roam
And may sunshine and happiness
Surround you when you’re far from home
And may you grow to be proud
Dignified and true
And do unto others
As you’d have done to you
Be courageous and be brave
And in my heart you’ll always stay
Forever young.

2.  Thankya, Rod Stewart, for writing that song just for my baby. 😉

3.  This, my friends, is why photography is so important.   Memories…of how she looked TODAY.   I cannot have it back.  It’s gone.

4.  This series was literally thrown together in minutes b/c if sistah says she wants to go do a “shession,”  we go DO a “shession.”

5.  I’d purchased a fab headband to match this dress and guess who couldn’t find it when we were getting ready.  I’m certain it’s either stuck on a baby doll’s head somewhere or deep under one of my car seats.   I grabbed the scissors and snipped a few crape myrtle blooms for her hair.

6.  That dawg you see in these pictures is not loved by the head honchos of this house.  The 3 kids who live with us are attached to her.   Shebarksnonstopandsometimesifeellikechokingher.    I can’t decide what I’d rather look at…Dixie the dog, or Randy Travis’ mug shot.

7. Thank you, Ashley R, for providing some inspirational humor for our “shession,” with the following….

“Marty had a party, everyone was there.  Hootie let a tootie, they all went out for air.”


The middle shot below is my mommygoggles favorite…

Jason and Amy - Oh my goodness! What a great shession indeed! I love the black and whites in the grass! Just love em! She is beautiful and how can you not love the freckles!

Julie Kraai - These are beyond precious. I love your attention to the smallest of details, and the emotions captured. Beautiful.

Jeni - These are SO AWESOME! I love them all, especially the ones of her laying in that long grass! Great work!

Roxanne Alewine Walker - Love it! Getting to know AW through your pictures!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Haha, thanks you sweet lady! How is Mayley!

Layla Hughes - She is ADORABLE! These are great…where was this?

Roxanne Alewine Walker - Perfect!!! Exerting her independence in not wanting to be held and being very vocal these days. About what, who knows???

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thanks Layla! It was actually right over by Landmark Church. Kind of a random spot, ha!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - I remember those days and I miss them so much! Give her a kiss for me!

Layla Hughes - That is kind of random, but it was perfect! Maybe we can do a short session while we’re home over Christmas! I would love for you to photograph my boys.

Corrie Lindroos - Allison these are gorgeous! I don’t even think I could pick a favorite. The ones in the grass are amazing. Great work.

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - I would love that, they are beautiful like their mama!!

Kori - Oh. my. These are STUNNING!! Every last one! I LOVE coming to your blog!

Claudette - Wow! I love every single one!!!! What an amazing session, you’ll treasure it forever : )

Jenny Maddox - Gorgeous! You have such a gift!

Amye Bass King - these are SO great! love the boots!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Amy! 🙂 AW is looking forward to seeing C tonight!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you so much, Jenny!

Kristin Torode - My fave is the one with her eyes closed. Sweetness.

Shannon - Gorgeous light! And I love the grass. What a fabulous session, esp. for one so quickly put together! Well done!

samantha - Oh my goodness I love everything about these images!! She is just gorgeous…and don’t get me started on those freckles! I adore your work!!

Amy Godinez - I am so in love with this entire session. You totally captured who she is!

Rhonda - that first one made me smile .. and the rest are totally fabulous too!!

Cortney Locke Smith - ALLISON! HOW DID I MISS THESE? I just have to say that FOLKS in Alabama have to be going nuts over all these incredible images. All 30+ images are just outstanding! YOU ARE DA BOMB in my book! Love ya!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Aww, thanks! You are top sweet. 🙂

Megan - Your angles are amazing! I love those long grass shots. You did an amazing job.

Lindsay Faber - Wow. WOW! I don’t even know where to start. These are so amazing. I love the wide angle work in the grass. These have an editorial AND lifestyle feel and the spirit of them is so carefree. I love these SO much. I need to get a wide angle lens…oh and figure out how to use it as amazingly as you have.

Stephanie - I am so in love with your work Allison. These are fabulous. Every. Single. One.


Brewer! Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Photographer

5 things:

1.  Lots of newborns lately and it’s time to catch up on the ole blog.

2.  I LOVE the simplicity and design of baby B’s nursery.   Jessica lost her sister to cancer when she was 13.  Check out the framed picture of a bunny her sister had drawn, my heart skipped a beat when she told me that story.  It’s like he has an angel watching over him.

3.   I really enjoyed getting to see J & J soak in every moment of joy their children bring.  Big bro is so proud, he kept us laughing!!

4.  I don’t know if I’ve ever met a dad that smiled as much as this one.  LOVE it!!

5.  Some of my favorite moments during newborn sessions include getting to know mom during feeding breaks.   It makes it so personal.    <3 <3 <3 <3  (those are supposed to be hearts)

Roxanne Alewine Walker - You have done it again Allison. Absolutely beautiful!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you sweet Roxanne!!!! You are such and encourager and I really appreciate it!!

Emily - That’s it! I’m having a baby and moving to Alabama 😉 These are gorgeous, as usual!

Reena - These are all so beautiful…I love the glimpses into the nursery, the one of the big brother holding the new baby (so sweet) but my favorite is the one of mom and baby on the bed…precious!

Jaidean - These are absolutely beautiful!! What a cute little guy!

April O'Hare - The light in all of these is gorgeous! And I love how you get a glimpse of the space as well. It really makes them more personal.

Katherine - These are gorgeous! I love the use of window light, all the details, and the family connections!

Jeni - Boy these are precious! My favorite has to be the on one the bed with his little legs in the air. I don’t know why, but that one really speaks to me! These are so, so great!

julie - These are so lovely – every last one of them. love, love, love!

Kori - These are gorgeous! I wish I had photos like these of my children!

Amanda Burse - These are stunning. I love the natural feel to this session. So relaxed. And the simple processing and black and whites are just unreal. Great work.

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Amanda!

Robbie - I love the mix of posed and lifestyle images! The images are moving and beautiful.

Sarah Scanlon Gallagher - These are simply gorgeous. I just love the beautiful shot of the baby with family.

Kara Wahlgren - Love how you used their natural setting…and that shot with his big bro in front of the window is awesome!

Sarah Cox Hawkins - these are gorgeous! Love the mix of lifestyle shots in there.

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Sarah!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Sarah!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Kara!!

Corrie Lindroos - I loved the relaxed lifestyle feel of these! The ones with the legs in the air is so precious. Fabulous session.

Stephanie Mballo - these are perfect in every way! these are the kinds of images i wish i would have had taken when my son was born. priceless, beautiful images.

Jennifer Zumwalt - Oh Allison, is there any type of photo that you DON’T ROck? These are amazing! Beautiful beautiful work.

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you so much, Jennifer!! 🙂


Ann Collins Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Photographer

5 things:

1.  Ann Collins, you were the best sleeper, EVER.  You were like my very own baby doll, such a snuggle bug!!  🙂

2. I love names that start with Ann…  😉

3.  Hellllloooooo window with white sheers…I love you.

4.  We made a baby mohawk with all that gorgeous hair.   Why not?

5.  Mom and dad are natural, loving parents.   This newborn session was an uplift to my day!!

Leslie Cole Ellis - These are absolutely beautiful!

Lyndsey Collier Grider - Thanks! I love them!

Tammy Lott Stricklin - Lyndsey Collier Grider – She is beatiful!

Allison Parker Adair - Love!! Love!!!

Wanda K Fussell - Wonderful pictures of you all! Ann Collins is beautiful and for now her Father’s daughter!

Heather Grimes - These pics are awesome! She is beautiful.

Brandi Sims Myrick - She’s an absolute doll!

Margaret Hanby Feld - She is beautiful Lyndsey! The pictures are all spectacular.

Cortney - Okay, I must of missed some of these! I just love this session and the B&W conversion is beautiful. Love the “hair” shot. Perfect as always!


Ruthie or Ruthie Kate! ;-) Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Photographer

6 things:

1.  Ruthie…just say that name, it’s adorable!  It already fits her!

2.  Her mom and dad are in LOVE with her!

3.   Her mom has the most beautiful skin and hair.  I’m not jealous, I’m not.

4.  Rob is an instant awesome dad.  I’m digging the beard!!

5.  If you want to hang out with happy folks, get to know this crew.  Friendly, hospitable, and loving!  What a great example to set for your child!!

6.  Random fact:  My “new” newborn session fuel…Starbucks (Trenta) Very Berry Hibiscus drink…yessir!


Charlotte - These are breathtaking! Rivers is gorgeous, her baby is beautiful, and Allison your talent is beyond words!

Chrissy Torney - What a beautiful little person x

Megan - These are just precious! I love the lighting and just simplicity to these. So intimate and perfect.

Jennifer B - I am SUCH a fan. These are amazing in every way. Gorgeous.

Lynda Coulson - Beautiful work, such a gorgeous baby!

Christi Lones - She is so perfect that she looks fake…. Absolute perfection! Allison you did it again!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Christi!

Jacqueline L - These are all beautiful – you captured some really great connections with the family shots 🙂

Leslie Crane - OH my gosh. I am a huge fan of your work and right here is why. These are completely magical. What a lucky family!

Gena Hill - I love this family….You did a fantastic job of capturing them and that precious baby! You Rock!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you so much, Gena!

Cortney - Allison! I love them all… how will they choose? The first one stole my heart, love those open eyes!!! So sweet!

Terry Sexton Austin - Beautiful!

Janara Boomershine - Love the pictures! Rob, Rivers & Ruthie Kate , You all look so beautiful in these photographs! The photographer has captured the meaning of HAPPINESS! FAMILY! Love you guys , Janara!

Lynn - I adore your work! These images really show how special the first weeks of life after a newborn are. Gorgeous!

Claudette - Ok, I seriously can’t pick a favorite. These session was AWESOME. Love everything about it.

Corrie Lindroos - Wow – these are so gorgeous. I love all of them! Your detail shots are too precious. Really gorgeous family and your captured them beautifully. What a stunning session!

Kristen Oliver - These are just gorgeous! I love all the different textures you used. The one in front of the window with the lavender is stunning!

Allison Donahoo Hilyer - Thank you, Corrie! 🙂

April - These really are magical images! I love how you can truly feel the love within this family. Beautiful work!

Jeni - These are perfection. The skin tones are amazing. What a great variety you got. I just love the ones of her and her mommy on the bed. Beautiful work.

Stephanie Mballo - I don’t even know where to begin. These are so amazingly beautiful. I have scrolled through these over and over again, and you have me ooing and ahing with each and every one. Just gorgeous.

Emily - All of these photographs are so stunning! What a lucky family to have this very special and fleeting time captured! They brought a tear to my eye…and Ruthy isn’t even mine!

Marilyn Salie - Beautiful! Congratulations Rob & Rivers ~ Ruthie Kate is precious ♥.


Payne+Phenix+Pierce Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Lifestyle Photographer

7 things:

1.  P cubed, I call them.   The name and energy should be bottled up in drink form.  Maybe I’ll do that and make a fortune!

2.  These dudes are beautiful.    Can I just tell you how much I LOVE long hair on boys.  I do.

3.  They are all baseball lovers, we even played baseball with the pears.

4.  Speaking of pears, they have a pear tree on their farm in Troy.  We had a bit of fun with those suckers.

5.  We also had a bit of fun running, laughing, tickling and just being wild.

6.  “Baby” Pierce has a beautiful necklace he wears all the time.  He is part Indian and his grandmother gave it to him.  🙂

7.  Wardrobe: Crewcuts…Heather, you did great!! 🙂

reena giola - This is seriously a FANTASTIC session. Cute Cute Cute (did I say cute?) kids…fantastic location, beautiful light. That Pierce is seriously WAY too cute. Hard to pick a favorite but I really like the headshot of the three of them in black/white.

Anne - Wow Allison, I’m not sure how I found you but I’m SO GLAD I did. You are a serious rockstar and on to great things. Every session I look at from you is AMAZING. These boys are beautiful, and you captured them being themselves and their relationship with eachother. I LOVE their hair!! Photographers dream!! Can’t pick a favorite, love them all.

Megan - This is an AMAZING session! What a great storytelling you accomplished. Just wonderful.

Emily - You are such an accomplished story teller, and photographic poet. Dang girl…you just keep getting better.

April - Alison, these are awesome! There is so much energy and life within these. They’re soulful, but fun too! And those boys are all going to be future heartbreakers:)

Cortney - Allison! I really love these. I looooove the first one! Those are terrific, beautiful light!

Jackie - You did an amazing job with these and ohmygoodness, those boys are so so darling!!

Melissa Klein - These are gorgeous! What beautiful boys, and I LOVE that third shot – so full of energy! Fantastic work!

Yana - Are you kidding me? Amazing! The laughter, the smiles, the emotion. Such beautiful kids. Love!

Jacqueline L - Um, wow! These are all stunning – you did SUCH an incredible job capturing these boys!

Kristen Oliver - These are amazing! They look like they had so much fun! The boys are just beautiful! Really stunning work!

Jennifer Zumwalt - It’s official. You must come do my family photos! LOVE These

Robbie - You didn’t just capture portraits, you captured memories. What could be better than that? Just beautiful.

BLUSH by Tina - These are all simply amazing! I cannot pick a favorite! Great work.

Jaidean - I love these! So fun! What beautiful kids!!