Chandler+Grayson+Garrett Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

Soooo…. This was a “mini session” that wasn’t so mini! 😉  This crew is too photogenic for their own good!  I photographed Chandler for her Senior pics back in the Fall and I got to meet her hunky brothers this time.   This was a “last kid picture hurrah” before Chandler starts breaking hearts at Auburn.  They clearly have this bro/sis chemistry going on that makes my job super easy!   They’re so stinkin’ cute, I think they should start their own boy band+1 gal.



Laurel+Ella+Audrey+Minnie+Joel Norman aka “bubba” Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

Oh, how I love this crew!  This is my third time to photograph them and it gets better each time. 🙂  Mom wanted an indoor bed session, dad wanted outdoor…so, they compromised with the good ole outdoors AND a bed!   Next time, Joel and Amanda are REQUIRED to be in the session.  They look like they are 20 and are the CUTEST couple!  These were taken at a Nursery that Joel’s family owns and the light was fab!

These 5 are always so good to me!  We were already planning their next session before this one was over.

P.S.  I accidentally uploaded one of the pics twice.   If you find it, holla when you book your next session and you get a free 5×7. 🙂

P.S.S.  Summer is here, whoop whoop!


anna - black and white: joels the only one looking at the camera. the rest have their back to you! both pictures are on the right side of the screen 😉

and oh my word! gorgeous! you are so talented girl! i love to see your work! and what a beautiful (sweet!) family!

anna - and the lighting…oh my! to die for!!!

Megan - Holy cow – these are seriously AWESOME!! They look like a catalog ad. I wish these were MY family pictures!

sally - Oh my gosh! These are INCREDIBLE. I just LOVE the posing! And the creamy light processing is just totally gorgeous.

Sara K - Seriously, these are some of the best family photos I have ever seen! What a fun group….and they are all such cute kids! I kinda want to hang one of these on my wall….and I don’t even know the family! Great work Allison!

Emily - I am literally gasping. These are beautiful, how do you choose a favorite??

Stephanie Mballo - Wow, wow, wow! These are amazing! The first is my favorite, but they are all gorgeous. Really beautiful work!

Jackie - I just LOVE these, so much fun, and these kids are just adorable!

Cortney - Allison!!!! These are just beautiful…. Lighting is gorgeous, family is gorgeous, and images are gorgeous! Fabulous job sweet friend!

Lynda Coulson - These are beautiful images, the lighting, the colour, the subjects – all of it, stunning! Lovely work!

kristin - oh wow what beautiful kids!! lucky you that you get to photograph them!! you’re right about that light..its gorgeous!! and i loove the bed idea!

Azim Dzhaborov - i like this photos


Joel+Leigh… get hitched!! Montgomery, Alabama Wedding Photographer

I am soooo happy for this perfect couple whose love is inspiring to all!!  We had beautiful weather and everything went smoothly!  The boy’s seersucker suits made me want to slap my mama(okay, not really) they were so cute!!  I had a hard time not getting my groove on at the reception b/c the band rocked!!  I will miss you guys!  Enjoy your preview. 🙂


Brooke Bailey - Allison, you did a fabulous job on these! Looks like a beautiful day for a beautiful couple! Congrats to Leigh and Joel!

leigh - Allison, these are so classic!! I love them all SO much!!! You captured our day perfectly. Thank you!

Rachel - These are gorgeous! Leigh, you are such a beautiful bride. Congratulations!

Jill Moudy - Perfect, Leigh! Congratulations to you and Joel and the boys!

Hannah - These pictures are so beautiful they brought tears to my eyes.

Amye - SO pretty! Allison, you are so talented!

Amy - OH MY! This looks like the most wonderful southern wedding ever!! The pictures are amazing~ along with everything else! LOVE the flowers!!

Melissa Vinson - Allison, you did a beautiful job! Leigh & Joel – you look so very happy and ready for this new adventure! Can’t wait to meet Joel and the boys! Love you!

Jewel Brannan - You are a beautiful couple. Congratulations!!!!

David Johnson - Leigh and Joel:
I’m viewing your wedding photos while sitting in our hotel lobby in Xi’an, China. Sorry to have missed the wedding. Marlea said it was wonderful and fun, and the photos are really great. I guess you had to go with a backup bagpiper. Bless you all and hope to see you soon.
David J

Kelly - Wow! What a spectacular wedding! Leigh, you did an amazing job with all of the details! Stunning! Every single bit! Kelly


Nathan+Melissa+Iliya+Max…Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

This crew was just plain fun.  Mom, Melissa, is also a Photographer and she knew what she wanted… I LOVE that!  I <3 the connection the 4 of them shared.  The minute Nathan and Melissa were alone in front of the camera it just clicked for them.   I’m so glad she got behind the camera b/c she is foxy!!  The guys are pretty cute too, don’tchathink? 😉   Nathan has a fab smile!  The day of their shoot was almost(with in a day) the anniversary of when they adopted little Max.   Those teensy glasses make me just want to grab him and never let go!!

This is one of those sessions where I smiled the entire time I was editing.  I hope these make YOU happy!


Hey world!  I’m 2 and I can fly!!

My personal FAV.  Yummy mommy love.


Melissa - There are no words that would do justice to describe how much I love these photos! They were worth the exhaustion, bug bites, and itchy grass – thank you SO much!! <3

Charlotte - Those are soooooooooooooo cute! I love them all! What a sweet family too!

Jaidean - Love these! Absolutely gorgeous!

Sara - These are so cute…what a fun family! I can’t even pick a favorite because I really love them all!

Jennifer Zumwalt - Love! Wonderful job of capturing the family and their natural essence! They are gorgeous and your work shows it!

Lynn - These are so gorgeous! Stunning images, every one of them. What a love filled family.

Cortney - Allison! These are great! Love the light!

April - These are beautiful! I love the emotion you’ve captured. That first one needs to be a canvas!

Rhonda - love so many of these images! especially that first shot .. and the ones with mom & dad alone .. and with the kids too! see what i mean 🙂 .. great work!

tina - His glasses could be the cutest things I have ever seen!!!! LOVE them! You did a fantastic job capturing the love they share, great work! 🙂

Jacqueline - Wow, these are amazing! I seriously love every single one. You can see SO much love in all of them!

Ann G. - How happy is this family ?! I love the emotion and connection you captured. I just smiled while I looked at them having so much fun being together. Beautiful work!

Krissy Allori - Gorgeous photos! I really love the connections you captured. Just beautiful!

Becky - This is an absolutely amazing session!! I loved every one!! I may have to come have you shoot my family!!

Jason and Amy - Family love captured beautifully! So cool! I pretty much love all of them!

Adrienne Fleming - I adore all of these!

Melissa Cunningham Bridges - Aren’t they fabulous?!

Adrienne Fleming - YES! Love all of them, seriously. love love love

Joy - These are all beautiful. You are going to have a hard time picking ones out to hang up.

Joy Ellen Paulsen - You are going to have a hard time picking out ones to display.

Melissa Cunningham Bridges - I know, Joy….I know!

Jane Robertson Whatley - AWESOME photos!


Maylee is 5 months!! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer

This little beauty was one of the happiest babies I’ve ever photographed.  I had to wait around to get a serious face. 🙂   A photographers dream, I tell ya!   I love how she uses her tongue to smile!

5 months is such a great age to photograph…

I <3 this little one and wish I could see her more!

Charlotte - Oh my! That is one adorable little baby! How cute is she?!!! Great job capturing those precious moments! 🙂