Olivia’s BIRTHday!! Montgomery, Alabama Lifestyle Photographer

This was such a heart melting hospital session.  Seeing new life in this environment was so precious.  That sounds cliche, but I cannot describe it in any other way!   This baby is already so loved.  I heard Vernon whisper to 2 year old Ian as he held both of his children, “Daddy is a very happy man.”  I’m not gonna lie, my eye make up needed a little tending to when I left.

Look for Olivia’s home newborn session coming in a few weeks. 🙂

Sara K - These are fantastic! I can feel the love for sure!

Dianne Mills - She is a beautiful baby. The pictures are so touching, I can see why your eye make-up had to be touched up when you left.

Charlotte - These made me tear up…they are amazing pictures Allison! What a beautiful and sweet family!

Michelle - LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Kim Isbell - this is almost more than I can take!!! They are such a beautiful family and you completely captured that! MY eye makeup needs touching up now!! 🙂

Janet Crossland - The photos are lovely. God is so good to have blessed this family with precious children, loving parents, and Godly grandparents and great grandparents. Thank you for sharing!

Lori Cummings - Thank you so much for these pictures. Robyn is one of my dearest cousins! I felt like I got to be part of the blessing of the first moments with Olivia. They are amazing!

Leigh - These are the best ever!! Words alone cannot express how beautiful these images are.


Emily of 2012! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photographer

This was such a fab Urbanish Senior session in downtown Montgomery!  Emily is about to graduate and mom wants to remember this beautiful 18 year old face!  Emily is heading to college at Southeastern in South Florida and plans on doing Mission Work.  She has already been to Africa, this girl is a giver of self. 🙂   Some of her pictures below reflect her “mission girl style.”

I’m going to admit that I’m very jealous of Emily’s hair…it’s thick, wavy and pure perfection!  I felt like Ramona Q b/c I just wanted to grab a curl…or two.  Y’all know I’m weird.

We had some beeeeutiful light, it’s makes a gal happy.  I hope you enjoy these Emily!  You truly are a precious soul(just like your mama!)




Megan - These are so great! SHe has such a welcoming smile – so natural. Great job showing it off.

Jackie - Wow, these are all awesome! She is gorgeous and looks like so much fun too!

Claudette - Wow, can’t pick a favorite, she must be thrilled with them!!!!

Shannon Stroubakis - Wow, that glorious hair! What a gorgeous girl! You captured her spirit so well, all the best to this young lady.

Jaidean - Gorgeous! Looks like such a fun session!

Ann G. - She is gorgeous! I’m loving her curls, her outfits, and her beautiful smile. Your clarity is knocking my socks off! I can’t get over the variety you captured. Your work is awesome!

Susan Bartolini - Ok..she is just stunning. I love the variety of locations and your lighting is amazing. My favorites are her on the rusty staircase.

Lou - Oh these are fabulous! What a gorgeous girl, and your colour and light are beautiful!

Lisa Holloway - This girl is just stunning, and what an amazing person she sounds like she is! Your variety here is out of this world…what a beautiful session!

Tami - Wow! You weren’t kidding about the hair, but everything about these is perfect. Her hair, her clothes, her poses, locations. Just great!

Jennifer Zumwalt - LOL Ramona Q…. boING!!!!! She does have amazing hair. I am just in awe of all of the different poses outfits and places you managed to capture!~ Great variety and great photography!


Hayden of 2012! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photographer

Hayden’s cousin runs a beautiful hunting property/farm near Union Springs.   This ACA Senior loves horses and the outdoors and knew this was the location she wanted for her pictures.  I got to spend time visiting with her and her mom on the way there so I felt like we were old friends by the time we arrived. 🙂

I know she probably gets tired of people commenting on her gorgeous hair, but I couldn’t get enough of it.    Not only is Hayden stunning, she is smart and heading to Auburn in the Fall!   She wants to be a Physician’s Assistant…go girl!!

I can’t decide if I love her sweet serious face or her big grin better.  Good thing I don’t have to pick and we can enjoy them all!


P.S.  The chevron dress had me at hello.


Charlotte - How beautiful!!!!!


My kids+back lit bedroom+Juicy Fruit… Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

My kids may or may not have been under the influence of artificial dyes and Crisco(eww) from Wal-mart cupcakes.  I had every intention of going to Gigi’s but, honestly, my kids prefer the good ole Walmart brand cupcakes.  Notthatthere’sanythingwrongwiththat.   This was a playful session in my bedroom.   We added a little gum to pep things up a bit.

P.S.  I know my bed frame is UGLY.


Charlotte - Those are so cute!

Sara K - These are great! I love the close up w/ the bubble (and his strawberry blonde hair and freckles). So cute!

jenny - love!

Cortney - Allison! How cute are these. I love them and you need to put them up in your bedroom! So sweet.

anna - LOVE these! gorgeous pictures of your gorgeous kiddos. love the lighting and the color! beautifulness!