Jack…3 months! Make the time stop! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer

Y’all know the Fisher’s by now.  Well, be jealous b/c I got to spend more time with Jack when we celebrated(with diet coke and a camera) his 3 month b’day.  He was an angel.    I can’t decide who I like more in this family…do I have to choose? 😉  Coop was, once again, a champ of a big bro.  He lays on the couch in the mornings, with his hands held out, for babybro.  How sweet is that?

Check out Doug’s chinstache.   It’s supah cool.  Jack is the SPITTING image of his ohsolovely mama, Carrie.  If he is as wonderful on the inside as she is, the world will be a better place!!

Amy - Love! Love! Love! These are incredible!! Baby Jack does look just like his sweet moma~ beautiful!!

Ili N - Beautiful photos Alison! Fantastic posing. I also love the outfits his mom chose for him, very simple and classic!


ann welch{my kid}+a tree swing+mimi & papaw’s farm+daddy fix it. Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

Announcing full sessions at Mimi and Papaw’s farm!  Hope it’s okay with them…just kidding! 😉  It’s in Tallassee and it’s beeeeutiful.  I decided to show you just a tad of what that session will offer… I will be scheduling “golden hour/sunset” sessions so the lighting will be different…AKA…better!!

The Tree Swing, ahhhh, summah.

Fences, a pond, pastures, horses in the background…and so on and so forth.

A Dub told me this was the best session ever.  It’s true if she says it.

P.S. BIG thanks to DCH for coming with me, climbing the huge tree and installing the swing.  You’re pretty cute.


Christine - I LOVE every single one of these!!! The lighting is amazing and my sweet niece is so gorgeous!! Love her sweet pants.

Charlotte - She is such a gorgeous little cutie! Great job Allison!

Jaidean - These are gorgeous! So fun and beautiful light and location!

sally - WOW – those pictures are amazing! Love all the angles and the light! And that little girl is beautiful.

tina stinson - LOVE THE SWING!!! It’s darling and what a doll, you captured great stuff!

mollie - divine!! simply divine! these are so carefree and fun

Amy - She is adorable! LOVE these pictures!!!

Angela - What a wonderful session! I love your creative angles.. your daughter is just scrumptious!

Shawna Shenette - LOVE these! Love the light airiness to then, and her outfit is so cute!

Jackie - These are just darling!

Becky - What an awesome location! Your daughter is so beautiful! Love them all!

Lisa Kryschuk - OH THOSE ARE FABULOUS!!!!! She is beautiful and your use of light is amazing!!!!

Jeni - That swing is awesomeness! Love all of these shots! Your daughter is so cute!


Ashlyn+AG doll! Montgomery, Alabama Children’s photographer

Let your light shine!!  This little sweetheart always has a smile for me at Church.  Her mom outbid everyone else at ACA’s Fall Festival for a mini session.  I have been looking forward to this for a while, since November!!  Her mom, Joy, wanted to wait until closer to her 7th birthday.

Ashlyn brought along her beloved American Girl doll and we put her to work!  As the session ended,  she and I were walking back to her mom and I told her, “Ashlyn, your mom is going to cry when she sees these pictures.”  She promptly told me,  ” I know, my mom thinks I’m beautiful.”  I agree, precious girl, you are that!!   I LOVE the shape of her eyes, just stunning!  We found some gorgeous light tonight…ahhhhh, my kind of session!!!

Patrick - These photos turned out great Allison! I get misty-eyed seeing how fast my little babe is growing. The pics are absolutely beautiful, and Joy thinks so too.

Thanks SO much!


Lara is LOVELY!!! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photographer

The Allen family…yessir…I <3 their lot.  I met the oldest Allen kid today and instantly wanted to hug her.  She is a doll!  Her mom is also a special lady, and I’m fond of special people.  She had some ideas for the session and I think you’ll agree the bubbles were a hit!

Lara comes from a serious musical family.  She played guitar for me.  That’s the second time in a week I’ve had a guitar in a session.  They make me happy so my husband better get going on some lessons.   Our dear friends let us borrow their farm.  They are awesome.  I may or may not have been eaten by 1,000 mosquitoes today.  Note to self: pack insect repellent for the last day of Winter????

Remember Senior gals, beauty is important INSIDE and out.  If you’re ugly on the inside, your outer beauty will eventually fade and then you’ll just be an old hag.  My kids love that word.   Maybe I shouldn’t blog after midnight, hmmm?  Wednesday morning my crew is off to the beach for the rest of the week.  Whoop!!

Cortney - Those are really great! She looks beautiful! Love the bubbles!

Amy - Oh ~ I love every one of these! Lara is precious and these pictures are absolutely beautiful! Just like her! I bet yall had a fun time!


Robyn+Vernon+Ian+Bun in the Oven (Olivia) Montgomery, Alabama Maternity Photographer

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these folks!!  They are the friendliest couple and just good as gold.   I always enjoy our time together.  We did family pictures around this time last year, I cannot believe how much Ian has grown.  He is Mr. Personality and I seriously have never met a kid that smiles so much.  🙂 <—-had to insert a smiley face there.   Mama has grown too, she’s expecting baby sister in April!!  We took some shots in their bed room and some outside in their gorgeous neighborhood, The Waters.   I will soon be updating with pics from the hospital on Olivia’s birthday!!  CAN.NOT.WAIT!!!

P.S.  HUGE shout out to Robyn on the wardrobe choices.  Perfection to a tee.

Charlotte - Great job Allison! I totally agree about such a perfect sweet family! Robyn is glowing w/beauty!

Robyn - These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you SO much for capturing this amazing time for us in such a perfect way . . . you really could not have done a better job! We are in love with every picture on here!

Leigh - These are wonderful! You can’t hide the love of this fam! Robyn looks fantastic, especially with her sassy hair.

Michelle - These seriously melt my heart!