Joel+Leigh…they’re gettin’ hitched! Montgomery, Alabama Engagement Photographer

Well, hello there perfect couple.  I mean it.

Joel has two adorable boys…and guess what?  He incorporated them into the proposal.  Sigh.

Background:  When all 4 of them get together, they play a drawing game.   Here’s the proposal gist…

Step 1.  They met at Starbucks(where I love to get a Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato.)  They get their coffee and begin the paper/drawing game…

Step 2.   Jake, age 10 with beautiful red hair, passes a piece of paper to Leigh that says, “Dad is about to propose to you! :-)”

Step 3:  Leigh is thinking, “uh oh, Jake, you just ruined your dad’s proposal…whoops, but this is funny!”

Step 4:  Leigh turns to look at her man and he is grinning ear to ear with a ring.

Step 5:  They live happily ever after.

How perfect is that proposal???   We re-created it at Leigh’s gorgeous Capital Heights home.

Then we got some super fun family shots where Joel didn’t just pretend to play the guitar, he rocked it.  I didn’t want to leave.

Next, off to Historic Prattville for some of the sweet stuff.  Awwww…

The wedding is in May, whoop whoop!!!

Robyn - Oh, my! These are to die for!!!!!!! You could not have captured them more perfectly!

Sara K - These are so cute! Great job!

Marie - Wowie-Zowie!!! These are awesome!!! So breathtakingly beautiful you both are–AND the boys, to boot! Sooo Fun!!!

Hilary - So awesome…you captured so much emotion. Love all the shots!

Lori Ellen - You guys look fabulous!!! I haven’t been this excited for a couple to get hitched in a LONG time:)

Michelle - LOVE all of them!!!!

leigh Brannan - these are all beautiful. The boys look so cute. Can not wait to meet them love. You

Melissa Vinson - Leigh & Joel, I am beyond excited for you both…and I need to see if Allison is related to an old friend…can’t wait to see you in May!

Leah Hunt - Didn’t know she was engaged…Mark never tells me anything (shock!)!! So, congrats Leigh…your photos are fabulous!


Brian+Theresa+Joshua+Luke+Laurel+grandmomma+grandaddy! Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

Theresa is a photographer in Tampa, but came to Montgomery to visit her parents.  She contacted me about family pictures because, guess what?  She wanted to be on the other side of the camera for once, dontyaknow!   Theresa and Brian had just bought all three kids converse, SO cute!   I love a family with personality…this crew had it!  Check out the picture of Theresa in her smokin hot purple dress accented with….her camera!  If you are near Tampa, look her up, she’s great!

April - Wow, you got so many great shots of their whole family! I’m sure she’s going to love these:) That last one of the grandparents is too cute!

Elle - Wow, gorgeous work!! You’re fabulous with posing families!! Gorgeous group of kiddos too! 🙂

Lysandra - Such gorgeous family! Really lovely images.

Becky - What an awesome session! I was trying to pick a favorite and I couldn’t! I adore #2 though 🙂 beautiful family!!

rose - Such a gorgeous session! You make it look easy! LOVE!

Katherine - What a beautiful family! I especially love that second image of the family together. It’s so relaxed; just perfect!

Rosalind - Great posing with these. I love the way that you have got such natural interaction between the family members. My fave is the one where they are lying on their front looking at the camera in the gorgeous light….

Tonya - Wow, these are amazing, great variety! Love your processing!! And those sneakers are so cute 🙂


Kristina! Montgomery, Alabama Senior Photographer

Meet Kristina, a Senior at ACA, who has PERFECT skin.  Yes, that’s what I said, it’s gorgeous!  Did I mention she has an awesome mom?    We had warm, sunny weather, so I was a happy girl!   I’m going to let these pictures speak for themselves.  Guys at Faulkner, heads up!!

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Lana - They are ALL absolutely beautiful! Of course, I’m a little biased!!

Ili N - Awww love them Alison!!! Especially those with the balloons such a magical feel! Also love the last onew with the white wall. Gorgeous girl!

April - These are so pretty! The location and the senior (seriously, so not fair on the skin thing…I’m 30 and I still have bad skin! lol)
Hard to pick favorites, but that 2nd to last shot really stands out and so does the straight on color shot (that you took from above) of her lying in the grass.

I also love the two B&W’s right in the middle of your post.
Really love the variety you got here.

Susan Bartolini - Wow…what a gorgeous senior. Your location and lighting is to die for! I love the one with her just sitting in the field amongst the flowers. Beautiful!

Kori - Love that 4th one down. Love it.

Megan - It is crazy what variety you got! She looks like three different girls! Really great work.

Jeni - What a great variety! I can’t even pick a favorite! Nice work.

Lisa Holloway - What a gorgeous, gorgeous girl! I LOVE your light, AND her smile!

Becky - Beautiful! Wonderful variety and what a gorgeous girl!


John+Monica+Marley…are havin’ a baby!! Montgomery, Alabama Maternity Photography

This gorgeous lady is my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher and we LOVE her!!  Ann Welch came home from school daily telling me all about her teacher’s style and make up.  Evidently, ole mum doesn’t measure up, HA!!    Monica is on Maternity leave, so we set out to get a few pics documenting her pregnancy with baby girl number 2.  I can’t wait to shoot the newborn session!


Sarah(3 months)+Grace+Joel+Emmy Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer

Lips.  Yes, lips.  These sisters have the most gorgeous lips!!  I love them and it makes me jealous… just kidding.  😉  Big sister Grace was so helpful during Sarah’s 3 month session in their home.  She is constantly loving on her and kissing her baby.   Emmy, their mom, is smitten with her girls and rightfully so!  I always enjoy my visits with Joel, who is SUCH a talented portrait artist.  Click here to visit his Facebook page and see all his fabulous work.

Enjoy the “my favorites” preview! 🙂

Charlotte - Such a beautiful precious family!