Sarah(3 months)+Grace+Joel+Emmy Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer

Lips.  Yes, lips.  These sisters have the most gorgeous lips!!  I love them and it makes me jealous… just kidding.  😉  Big sister Grace was so helpful during Sarah’s 3 month session in their home.  She is constantly loving on her and kissing her baby.   Emmy, their mom, is smitten with her girls and rightfully so!  I always enjoy my visits with Joel, who is SUCH a talented portrait artist.  Click here to visit his Facebook page and see all his fabulous work.

Enjoy the “my favorites” preview! 🙂

Charlotte - Such a beautiful precious family!


Mary Caroline AKA “MC” 6 months Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer

This girl is one of my favorites, I can’t help it.  She dove out of her crib, as a 6 month old, shortly before I arrived at her home.  Dad, mom and brothers were pretty shaken up, but MC wasn’t fazed a bit!!   She’s gonna be a tough cookie!!  She has those sparkly eyes that just draw you in.  Her mom wanted some shots with her first baby doll…  Let’s just say MC had lots of love for her baby and I thought all the pictures with her and the baby would be out of focus b/c she had me laughing so much!  Enjoy my favorites,  9 months will be here before we know it! 🙂


Melissa Lester - She is so beautiful! Shouldn’t AW and Emma be this little?


Lily Mae+Pat Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

Oh, how I enjoyed this session!!  Lily Mae has been riding horses for years and her mom was ready to have some pictures on the wall!   I was really impressed with this gal’s abilities cause I’m a teensy bit afraid of horses. I think I might take some English riding lessons just so I can wear those smokin’ pants and boots.    On second thought…

Lily Mae is as beautiful inside as she is out.   She and Ford have been in school together since Kindergarten.   Did I mention her mom, Layla,  is a top notch hair dresser?? 😉

Here are my favorites…


Ili N - These are so beautiful, I love the lighting and tones. You captured an amazing connection between the little girl and her horse!

Charlotte - These are amazing! She is too cute and your photography makes them belong in a magazine! Love them!!!!

Melissa Lester - These are amazing! Sure to be her most treasured photographs from childhood.

Jeni - These are so beautiful. You can tell how comfortable they are with each other. I just love the expression of both the girl and the horse in the first one. I also love the one of her combing his leg. I love how you can really see the size difference between them in that one.

sally - wow, I love ALL of these! What a cool session!

Rosalind - Stunning and very imaginative work! I would have thought you had been photographing horses and riders for years! I love them all – can’t pick a favourite.

Lynda Coulson - These are so stunning. Beautifully captured, such a wonderful story here of a lovely relationship. Lovey work!

Leanne - What stunning images of what is obviously an important part of this little girls childhood memories. Love them!

Megan - These are FABULOUS!! Seriously, these are really great.

Robbie - This little girl will cherish these! Great work!

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Happy Valentine’s Dayish… Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I had great plans for Valentine’s pictures involving my daughter and one of here BFF’s…But, weather, sickness, etc got in the way.

Today, David and I put my antique bed from when I lived at home(eons ago) in Ann Welch’s room.  I got her some new bedding and decided to do a few pics.

A little bit different processing and my new B/W conversion.


Charlotte - I love those! They are so sweet!


Shelly+Jordan Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

I am so excited to share this milestone session with you!  These adorable Texas natives came to me wanting to celebrate their 5th year of marriage and Jordan’s recent graduation from Law School.  Shelly is also in the Law profession so she choose downtown Montgomery as their choice of venue.    They are drawn to the history and landmarks of Montgomery and we spent the afternoon touring as well as snapping a few pictures every now and then. 😉    I love that she brought along her wedding album!

Shelly is just so, so shy I had to bring her out of her shell. 😉  Jordan is laid back and was just a pleasure photographing them.   I was THRILLED to find some Cherry Blossom Trees by the Capitol.   They are so beautiful!

Good luck on the Bar, Jordan!  You’ve got it, I know!! 🙂

Cortney Smith - AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Amy - I can’t pick a favorite! They are beautiful!

Yana - Such a beautiful couple. I love the variety of images you have captured. The BW one where she is laughing is my favorite!

Melissa Lester - They are all beautiful!