Trussell! {4 months} Montgomery, Alabama Baby Lifestyle Photographer

Actually, he’s 4 1/2 months, but who’s counting. 😉 I always enjoy my time with Emily and Trussell!  They have a gorgeous home…and a great dog!   This baby is soooooo good and laid back!   I missed seeing his big brother, Pierce!

Ili N - I absolutely love your lifestyle work! I love how relaxed these are. What a stunning family!

Katherine Durham - So gorgeous! These are simple and timeless, sure to be loved for years to come!

Joan - You are not kidding about a beautiful home! Love the first one in front of the door!

mollie - precious precious! i love this time of discovery- you captured it very sweetly!

Cortney Smith - This is so cute! I love the big dog shot! Great work!

Ann - Look at those beautiful baby blues! These images are stunning, their home is beautiful! I love your work!

Krissy Allori - Such an adorable age! All of these turned out really good. Just beautiful.


Brooke+Kelso…Montgomery, Alabama Engagement Photographer

As I sit down to blog this session, I’m laughing…because these two made me laugh a TON.  Kelso gave up a day in the woods(hunting) to make his gal happy.   Brooke had two of her BFF’s in town to help her choose her attire, and I gotta tell you, I’m digging Kelso’s dress pants.  Brooke told me they are the only pair he owns.  😉

…and since I always discuss weather, I was just SO HAPPY to finally have some back-light!  My last few sessions have either been FREEZING with full cloud cover or indoors.  It was nice to have a mild day and see the sun. 🙂

We may, or may not have been harassed by an older couple in which the “lady” shouted to Brooke, “I can’t believe you are out here half-naked!”   Hmmmmm…

Best Wishes to two GREAT people!!!!

Jessica - i’m one of the bff’s and these pictures are beautiful! 🙂

Ashley - Perfect! Allison, you saved the day and did an amazing job! These are gorgeous!

Brooke - Thanks again Allison! Not only did we have a blast, the pictures turned out perfect.

Salina j - These are so fun! Beautiful couple, and I love the light!

Cortney Smith - These are so great! The lighting is amazing, and it goes perfectly with their beautiful afternoon. Beautiful people too!!!

Leah Hunt - Brooke, you are absolutely stunning! I am SO, SO, SO happy for you!! 🙂


In with the NEW!! Baby JACK!! Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Remember the Fishers?  You can read their story and see their maternity session here?  Well, a few days before Christmas they welcomed Jack into their family.  Carrie was a champ during delivery and has been smiling ever since she laid eyes on her baby… So has Superdad, Doug.   If you ever need a swaddler for your baby, call Doug.  😉  Jack is the spittin’ image of his lovely mama, although, I think I spotted a “Doug dimple” in his cheek.   I hated to drag big bro, Coop,  away from his grandparents and new toys from Santa, but he ALWAYS has a genuine smile for me.   His eyes just light up when he looks at his brother.

These “at home” lifestyle sessions are among my favorites.  I am just so, so happy for my friends!  I cannot wait to spend time with them every few months documenting Jack’s first year.  It’s going to be a blast!!

Out-take that I LUV!! 🙂

Lara - Oh My!!! He is adorable!!! What a beautiful family, gorgeous Mom and 3 handsome boys!!! I just love them!

Cortney Smith - These are so great! SO SO SO Great! What a beautiful memory!

Melissa Taylor - Love themALL. Cooper was precious,!CONGRATULATIONS. YOU ARE BLESSED AND RICH IN SO Many ways.

Becky Donner - These are absolutely beautiful photographs and you should be so proud of your beautiful family. We wish you only the best with young Jack, and with Cooper as a big brother, that should be no problem!

Melissa Lester - Beautiful photos of a beautiful family! Love!

Jody Williams - Where has time gone? It seems like only yesterday you were babysitting Emily-Anne and Lacey! You would drive over in “the egg” with your overalls on! I’m so happy God has blessed you with a wonderful husband, and now two beautiful little boys. What a precious family you have!
Love you all!

Kathy Murphy - Allison’
Thank you for capturing such precious moments for our family. All children are a gift from the Lord, and we give God all the glory for little Jack.Your work is truly inspired.


Edward+Stacy! Montgomery, Alabama Engagement Photographer

I can’t think of a better way to start off 2012 than to share this mini-session with you.  It is special to me, because it’s my baby brother…and he’s engaged…to a precious, precious person and we just LOVE her!!  The only negative thing about this whole situation is that they live far away…Ft Lauderdale, FL far away.   That’s 11 hours, folks.

Anyway, they were here for Christmas and we had NO good weather for engagement pics.  Despite our plans, we had yucky full cloud cover, a broken zipper on her dress, and lots of wind.   BUT, you would never know…These two are very much in love.  It’s just so darn sweet.

Onward ho to Edward and Stacy…

anna - oh they’re just adorable! congratulations to edward! so happy for your family! lot’s of new members this year 😉 beautiful photos as always! your talent always shines in every session you do!

Amy Westerholm - These are beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! So excited for Edward and Stacy!

Christine - These pictures are so sweet! Love them!

shelley huggins - Awww I love the pics! Soooo happy Stacy found someone that makes her sooo happy! =)


ER+M+L Montgomery, Alabama Portrait Photographer

I don’t get to shoot enough indoor sessions, I love them!    I had the best time with this family!  The children were so friendly and I think I won some bonus points with my Santa Pez dispenser. 😉  I adored what their sweet mama put together for them to wear.  It was classic, timeless, and fit in so well with the setting.    Enjoy the preview!!

This totally cracks me up!!