Pumpkin Sport {my kids}… Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

It’s Fall!  I am loving this cooler weather…except for the mouse I found in my bathtub this morning.  For real.

It’s Ford’s 12th birthday today.  He is home sick with fever. 🙁  I guess he’d rather be home from school on his b’day.

Yesterday, the kids and I took off for one of my favorite shooting spots for their Fall pictures.  It was WINDY!

I would like to introduce you to “photographer’s child syndrome.”  The symptoms include but are not limited to- whining, crying, fake cheese smiles, complaining, running away from me to slide down a hill, running away from me to watch a video on my phone, running away from me to tear into their reward sucker before the session is over, hitting each other, popping each other on the bum, throwing dirt, and so on and so forth.

I REALLY wanted to make this fun for them.  I mean, if it isn’t fun, I know I’m not going to get the desired results.  I decided that turning our pumpkins into balls were the ticket…and, it worked.  Surprisingly, the boys were more cooperative than the girl in the polka dotted dress.  That girl…

Fall pictures—check!

…and, that’s my Copie…kissing the pumpkin b/c he’s that sort. 😉

Jenny - Oh my goodness! Ford looks like a different boy in the picture where he’s kneeling! Love the picture of them holding hands and AW kicking her leg up 🙂

Jenny - or is that Copeland kneeling? I can’t tell 🙂 He looks so much like David, though!

admin - Jenny, it is Ford on the right. He does look like his daddy! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

Amye - Gorgeous!

Jill Cribb - So cute! You are such a great photographer….love AW’s dress…where did you find it?

Cortney Smith - Allison!!! How in the world do you get your own kids to do this? I love these they look sooooo great! You make it look effortless!!!

Lindsey - I thought the same thing; Ford looks so different….maybe more like a young man, not a little boy. These are adorable Allison!

admin - Thanks everyone! Jill, her dress is Hannah Kate via their special collection. 🙂

Melissa Lester - Gorgeous, Allison! I think you are teasing about the session difficulties. The shoot looks perfect!

Christine - so sweet. I love them all!!!


Alabama to Alaska Mini Session… Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

This precious military family of 6 is moving to Alaska on Friday!  I haven’t started mini sessions yet, but I had to fit them in before they say goodbye to Alabama.   🙁  I have yet to see another set of boys as sweet to their baby sister.  They were HUGE helpers.  🙂  Aren’t they a handsome bunch???

Lara - Love this family, great shots of all of them!!!


Will and Thomas…boys after my own heart. Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

I’m not sharing this whole session yet  b/c mom and dad are trying to decide on a Christmas Card picture.  It will be hard to choose with these photogenic fellas.  I cannot begin to tell you how fun these two are.  It reminds me so much of  taking my own two boys out for pictures.   It was plain ole silliness, rough and tough, baseball gloves, piggy back rides, laughter, etc, etc, etc.  🙂    I think I missed a few shots b/c they were cracking me up the whole time.   Don’t they know I’m the photographer and I’m supposed to make them laugh?! 😉

Donna - Oh wow! Love these fun pics of those darling boys. They are so playful and fun. You captured their personalities perfectly.


Lifestyles of the Foys and Famous… Montgomery, Alabama Newborn Photographer

“Foys and Famous?”  Famous, because I am CONVINCED that 3 year old Pierce will be famous one day.  That boy is so quick witted and full of personality.  I told him today, “ya know Pierce, you’re problem is that you are too shy!”  He got it.  😉  Baby Trussell was another newborn that will spoil me.  He was perfect.  He hardly made a peep the whole session.  I can’t forget gorgeous mama Emily, the pictures speak for themselves.  She is as sweet as she is beautiful.   If you scroll below, you will see how my little helper joined me in photographing his baby brother.  He got lots of great shots also!  I love this family. 🙂

Cortney Smith - Honestly!!! These are really SUPERB!!!! GREAT JOB!

Lara - Beautiful!!


Longing for the chill… Montgomery, Alabama Lifestyle Photographer {mine}

Despite the afternoon temps hovering around 80 degrees, I was able to convince my daughter to try out some fall accessories.   Target recently stocked their stores(briefly) with the designer brand Missoni.  I admit, I wasn’t persuaded to put zig zags on my 30ish self.   I did, however, decide I liked this little puff ball hat and scarf.  Cute, eh?

One requirement A dub relayed to me today was that she wanted to have fun.  That is so important when taking pictures of  kids.  I had gotten to the point with my OWN children where I was like, “YOU!  Child that I birthed, standthereanddon’tmoveandlooknatural, mmmmmK????”  I seemed to have LOTS of patience for clients, but none for my offspring.  MY babies.  I have finally figured out what makes sessions work with them.    “I like to eat poop sandwiches,” works very well for a few laughs.  Judge me now.

Kristi - The bokeh is fantastic! Great pictures!

Cortney Smith - Allison

I love these! Your b&w’s are killer! I think the subject was the cutest part… beautiful work!