Ramona and the Sponge Rollers… my kid

When I passed the spongy pink rollers in Publix last night, I knew I was going to have a date with A Dub’s hair.  Guess what makes me happy?  My daughter loves to “get her hair did.” 🙂   She loves to play in my make up.  She loves to dress up.  She also loves to play in dirt, throw a ball and wrestle with her brothers.

We’ve been reading Ramona the Pest each night before bed.  Ramona was one of my favorite characters growing up and reading it again to AW makes me nostalgic.  So do sponge rollers.   I spent many a night of my childhood hooked up to those suckers.     I really think they are responsible for turning my once straight hair into a fro…or maybe it was the “body wave gone wrong” I got in 6th grade.    Somehow my sister still ended up with beautiful hair so there is hope for my sweeter.  😉


Britton and all his 6 week glory! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer

The “B” brothers…reminds me of when my “big” boys were little.  I could spend all day with Lindsey and her babies.  The 2 year old makes me laugh and I’d stake my next Starbucks he’s one of the smartest kids in Montgomery. Oh, and he’s being brought up right…ROLL TIDE…haha!!  Baby Britton was so laid back, just like his sweet mommy.  I fear he never got a good nap with me there b/c I kept moving him all over the place.    🙂

Jennifer Woodward - Love these!!! Precious boys and a precious family. Beautiful work, once again, Allison!

Lara - Love these! They are so sweet, love the hint of red hair. Beautiful Boys!


Lazy and Hazy… Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

Yes, I’ve been lazy and haven’t taken many pictures of my own kids lately.  It’s been a little warm outside and I am just not that motivated to sweat these days.  However,  I have a wall to fill and AW is included in that vision.

But, of course my plan did not start off well.  A failed prop and a sister that started off in a sour mood.  I let her bring her fav. AG doll for some shots.  I think those might be my favorite.   She is really into dressing her babies and creating accessories from what she can find from around the house.   I have veered away from my usual love of smocked and appliqued clothing(GASP) to go a simpler route because simple photographs well.

I wanted a hazy look for these shots and waited until the sun started to set in the sky because that is my favorite lighting.  My house is NOT a photographer’s paradise.  It’s the opposite.  I hope to change that soon!   Please pray for us that we will find the house that we can call home!  Between my house and the house next to me, I can catch the  backlight of the sunset.   I will post my wall when it is finished.  🙂


How is it possible? Cutter is 9 months!! Montgomery, Alabama Baby Photographer.

Ahhhh, my sweet little love, Cutter!!  He’s 9 months and putting everything in his mouth…grass was the evening choice.   Those are fun times…haha!!    We were trying to squeeze in his session before school started back.  We encountered a bit of yucky weather, which seems to be the norm for me lately. 🙁  I got lots of sugar and squeezes.  That’s my favorite part!

“Ummm, yeah, I know I have awesome hair.”

I LOVE this shot.  It’s so, “I hate when my jon jon falls off my shoulder.” 😉

Miriam McCubbin - These pictures are precious. I guess Great Grandma could be a bit prejudice!!


Twin 2 year olds…part 1. :-) Montgomery, Alabama Portrait Photographer

Julie and I set up our appt time for EARLY in the morning to try and beat the heat.  Twice in 4 hours we met to work around some scattered showers. Twice, we were rained out.  Yes, I checked the radar.  🙁  Most of these shots are taken under a pavilion with the rain pouring around us.  SO…we didn’t quite get all the shots we wanted, thus a part two to this session coming soon. 😉

These babies are so loved.  I had so much fun today just catching funny faces and silliness.  In case you haven’t heard, 2 year olds are silly.  🙂  They had a ball of a time with the rocks under the pavilion.