Easter Mini-Sessions Carson and Mary M… Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

Wha?  That’s what I said after 4 year old Carson told me all about all the different Disney parks and how “such and such” was closed this time but open last time.   HE’S 4, not 12! 🙂  Don’t let that sweet baby face deceive you, that boy is smart!  I also couldn’t help but grin when 5.5 year old MM told me about her fashion show coming up…  She is definitely model material, I don’t have to tell her what to do… the camera loves her.   This is my second time shooting these guys and I love to hear about their recent “comings and goings.”  They are already SO brown…good genes…beach…Disney.  Not fair.  😉

Once again, the storyboard below is my favorite and included with my current mini session pricing.  It’s size is 10×20 and it includes personalization.  It looks fantastic printed on metalic paper and arrives mounted with luster coating for longevity.  MUST HAVE, PEOPLE!! 🙂

joy - Those are breathtaking! The one in the edge of the water… WOW! And I love that she has a bandaid on her heel. Also, my favorite part of the shot where they’re in the grass is the little bit of dirt on his foot. Classic! Perfect details.

Sarah M. McCulloch - My grandchildren are beautiful every day of their life but you capture the pure happiness and joy that they have for life and one another. Precious pictures.


The Barnett Family Montgomery, Alabama Family Photographer

So, you may remember Ian, the daffodil baby.  😉  We met again for their family session and once again that boy charmed me.  He is soooo happy!  His mama and daddy are clearly smitten with him and rightfully so.   R & V live in a wonderful location.  We took a leisurely drive around the neighborhood looking for hot spots.    Adding to my daily shoe envy, Robyn asked for shoe approval right when I walked through the door.  Are you kidding?  They are awesome! 😉  I don’t think they’d mind me sharing that these Godly folks waited a LONG time for their little blessing.  Today was a celebration.  At times, I felt like I was intruding on their private moments…because they have this very special connection with their child.  I loved it.  It’s true beauty.  

Christine - these pictures are breathtakingly beautiful! I don’t have the words.

Robyn - Number 1: Are you kidding me already having these up and gorgeous???

Number 2: They are GORGEOUS!!!!!! We LOVE them. Actually love is an understatement.

Number 3: THANK YOU for capturing our sweet family perfectly. You’re awesome!

Number 4: Get some rest, woman!

Louise - He is too precious and I LOVE the one where he is in the vehicle and you just see him in the mirror!!!

Jenny - Beautiful!


The Foy Family Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer…

Wowzers, I wanna take this kid home with me.  He was hilarious!  He totally kept me on my toes. My favorite part of the day, I’m sure unbeknownst to his parents, was when he told me all about the Resurrection(with a twist).  🙂 His beautiful mom, Emily, has always been a fashion guru and she brought along several cute outfits for Pierce.   The first outfit was for grandma.  How sweet!!   AND, twice in two days, I am having major shoe envy.  😉 Thank you Foy family!!!   Here are a “few” of my favorites.

Cortney Smith - Well, basically those are awesome!!!! Way to go! Beautiful little boy and great photos!

Emily foy - I love these!!!!! Awesome work.

Christine - Love these and I love my sweet friend Emily. She is so beautiful and you captured Pierce with so much personality. Love his beautiful brown eyes~just like his mama’s! Love the belt shot and the one with Ben. Such a sweet dad-son moment.


I Heart Faces “Sun Flare”

I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to practice sun flare.  It’s apparently all the rage right now and I like to keep up with the Joneses…at least where photography is concerned. 🙂  After my son and husband’s baseball tournament this weekend, I had the perfect opportunity.   He’s giving the speech that coaches are famous for after a big win and ALL the kids are listening…yeah right! 😉


Robin - The sun flare is awesome but, there is so much more that makes this pic fantastic. I’m so in love with it! Very candid, very real. Great job!

karin - i LOVE this — the beautiful “burst” and the processing … oh, and the attentiveness of the players :). i really like your blog, too — eyecatching!

Melissa D. - Love that gorgeous sun shining through, great job!

Jessica Deane - Ha! My little guy just finished his baseball season.. so I know they listen well 😉 lol

Cute shot!

Michele Q - What a great sun flare picture on such a real photo. Love it!

Valerie Lemieux - I saw this on Iheartfaces facebook page. What a great shot!! Such a perfect moment to had a little flare.. Gives off that energy from their big win! Great work.

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Gipsy Guili - lovely flare!


Daffodils with Ian…Montgomery, Alabama Children’s Photographer

This baby is SO loved! I am shooting his family in a few weeks, but when his mom told me about the daffodils in bloom near her home, we decided to get a few early. 🙂 I just wanted to pinch him, he is such a butterball!   Ian reminds me so much of my boys when they were that age…he LOVES his mama.   I assured Robyn that I still get plenty of snuggle time with my 9 and 11 year old boys.   Robyn is also a photographer who has such an eye for catching the moment.  I can’t wait to finish this session!

Robyn - I’m in awe! Allison! You captured my baby in such an amazing way. Thank you, thank you!!!! Cannot wait for our family pics!

Regina - Awesome pictures, Allison!

Cortney Smith - I am in love with all these!!!!!!!! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! Great job, great composition, great color, just great!!! LOVE THEM!